Vagueness of Unit Transition from Enlightenment Age to Successive Ages


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Dec 23, 2014
The transition of infantry, ranged and horse units from enlightenment units to (e.g.) industrial units is somewhat vague (especially on unique ones like the transformation of Cavalry units to Tanks), how will you address this in the future?

Rome Legionaries should not be appear on all ages since actually it just exist between Classical to Medieval.
Greek Companion also suffers the same especially if the Age of Tanks comes out since people of future ages won't be using horses anymore.

To address this problem I came up with good suggestion:

Each nations should have 2 unique units for the said Age transition difficulty. 1 unique unit from Dawn Age to Enlightenment Age and 1 unique unit from (e.g.) Industrial Age and Information Age. I will list down some examples to further solidify my suggestion:
  1. Japan = Samurai (infantry) to Zero (aircraft)
  2. American (e.g.) = Minuteman (infantry) to B17 Fortress Bombers (aircraft) or Sherman tank (cavalry)
  3. German = Vandal (infantry) to Tiger tank (cavalry)
  4. British = Longbowman (ranged) to Spitfire (aircraft) or SAS (infantry)
  5. French = Chevalier (cavalry) to Bat Chatllion tank (cavalry)
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