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  • Hey, I have 2 suggestions.

    1. To be able to choose which level of drone directives i will use.

    I have level 3 counter intelligence which is 15 seconds. But i would love to use the lower level with shorter time to get more time for my second directive.
    2. Option to turn off getting peace treaty after being attacked.

    I havent gotten a notification when i get attacked for years and i use the replays to develop my defense. It is getting tedious to log in and see if i got attacked ever so often to remove the peace treaty
    Suggestion. For the 1st 5yrs of the game the estate building could be purchased for about $40.
    New players need to purchase it for $60 and I understand there are some speed ups in the new sale, but not everyone can afford it.
    Could you please offer the estate as a stand alone purchase?
    It would fit in with you QoL theme
    Thanks for your consideration
    Hi! Kindly check the alliance attached. We are now matched with them and looks like they are all cheaters.


    • Cheater Alliance.jpg
      Cheater Alliance.jpg
      490.1 KB · Views: 338

    The cause of this annoying bug has been posted, if you didn't know already

    Best regards
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