DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

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Greetings Leaders,

The latest DomiNations update is on the way! For Update 12.6 we introduce the ability to loot Materials from destroyed Manufactory buildings in multiplayer attacks. Additionally, we’re adding the ability to use several buildings as they’re upgrading, which comes at a perfect time for Automation Age players with the next set of upgrades on the way! We also reveal the latest Councilor coming to DomiNations and a tease for the next set of Legendary Artifacts you’ll soon be able to obtain.

Manufactory Updates

Nearly six months have passed since the release of the Manufactory Building! In that time, we’ve received a ton of great feedback and have been carefully monitoring the progression of your Munition builds. With that being said, we’re making a couple of changes to the Manufactory building, including the ability to acquire Materials in multiplayer attacks and two additional slots for...

DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.5 makes a large set of changes to Coalitions and Spying. We’ve made adjustments to nearly all of the Coalitions for World Wars and made Spying much easier for those who have the ability unlocked. We’ve also added the next wave of upgrades for those in Automation Age, and implemented a button to quickly cycle through your defensive buildings!

Automation Age Upgrades

BuildingUpgrade TimeCostCitizensHPXP AmountResource
Oil Well Level 1818d27,500,000 (Gold)355,0006,750Max Oil Storage 6150

Oil Generated 370
War Academy Level 1112d10,000,000 (Food)412,5004,500

DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.4 gives you the power to challenge rival Alliances with ease, and enter the fray with a Custom World War! In Custom World Wars you’ll have the freedom to take on any Alliance you choose. We’re also changing the requirements to obtain Conqueror’s Chests for Leaders with more defensive-oriented strategies, and cleaning up the Storefront.

Custom World War

A brand new feature to DomiNations will let you challenge rival Alliances on demand! Custom World Wars will let you and fellow Leaders easily set up Wars. In this mode, you’ll be able to test various strategies as all benefits from World Wars will apply, including Council, Museum, University, Library, Manufactory, and even Coalitions!

These Custom World Wars will not give a War Chest, Glory, Alliance XP, basic resources, or Rubies for participating. Custom World Wars also have the same duration as a...

April Legendary Calendar

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Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in April!

4/1 - 4/8
Aztec Calendar - 100 Tokens
Cryolophosaurus Skull - 300 Tokens

4/8 - 4/15
Book of Five Rings - 100 Tokens
Antikythera Mechanism - 300 Tokens

4/15 - 4/22
Nefertiti Bust - 100 Tokens
Lewis Chessmen - 300 Tokens

4/22 - 4/29
Sword of Guojian - 100 Tokens
Red Baron Engine - 300 Tokens

4/29 - 5/5
Pershing Bas Relief - 100 Tokens
Soul Catcher - 300 Tokens

The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

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Greetings Leaders, and welcome to our first 2024 Road Ahead!

Earlier this year, we introduced Museum Loadouts to simplify and enhance your experience in setting up War ready museums. We’re glad to hear how impactful this addition has been and appreciate feedback that has helped us to quickly address any issues within the feature! We are close to finishing our final bug fixes based upon your reports but please continue to share any further input on Museum Loadouts.

We previously mentioned the introduction of Custom War Matches and rewarding more Conqueror’s Chests. We’re happy to announce both of these will be available in our next release, which we aim to roll out within a few weeks!

As for Glory Tiers, we're taking extra time to put in additional care to this massive overhaul. From reworking our rematch prevention and ensuring more competitive matches to completely revitalizing the UI we're still dedicated to enhancing this exciting feature...

Season 7 - Swift & Stalwart

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Be the first to the frontlines of battle as Season 7: Swift & Stalwart kicks off tomorrow at 11am EST! The preview went live in the Week Ahead post that went live on 3/3, and you’ve been able to pick up the Season 7 Pass Part 1 since 3/7. The pass will help you acquire plenty of Season Boosted Troop Tactics to get you a head start in the Season. Let's take a look at the rest of the upcoming changes you’ll be working with until 5/26!

Season 7: Swift and Stalwart
Does slow and steady win the race? Find out in Season 7: Swift & Stalwart! Prepare for extreme damage output from Armored Cars & Ranged Infantry while trading off a large amount of movement speed. Also, watch pridefully as your Towers decimate attackers by firing slightly weaker projectiles twice as fast!

This Season begins on 03/10 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 05/26 at 15:00 UTC.

New Offensive Strategies!...
DomiNations Update 12.3
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Greetings Leaders,

The team has been extremely busy leading up to this update! We’re implementing more quality-of-life improvements to Alliance Speed Ups and Resource Drops. For those at Automation Age, you’ll find our first wave of upgrades to some of your buildings. This update also brings in fixes for Museum Loadouts.

Alliance Speed Ups

Have you ever been torn between either contributing resources to helping out a fellow Alliance member with a speed-up or upgrading something of your own? Or maybe the speed-up requires a resource you don’t quite have yet? In update 12.3, Alliance Speed-Ups will now be completely free to assist, but that's not all; the speed-ups will also be more significant!

Asking for a speed-up will still be done in the same way; to contribute, the Assist button will no longer have a resource cost and will only require you to press the button to assist. This change will also update the Alliance Laws for Building...
DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts
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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.2 is on the way. It features a brand new councilor and implements quality-of-life improvements to museum and Alliance Troop requests.

Museum Loadouts
A highly requested feature, Museum Loadouts, is arriving with Update 12.2!

At release, you can create five different Loadouts per hall; five in your War Hall and five in your Main Hall. Only one Loadout per Hall can be active at a time, and you can edit each loadout whenever you like.

War Hall Loadouts cannot be changed on War Day, so plan accordingly!

You can access your loadouts from the button at the bottom left of each Museum Hall. Here, you can edit or activate any of your five loadouts for that museum wing.


Troop Request Details
We’re updating the information you see when donating troops to your allies. With update 12.2 you’ll see...

Marco's Legendary Vault

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Marco is opening up his vault of Legendary wares, but only for a limited time! Starting 2/5, Marco will offer some highly sought-after Legendary Artifacts for 300 tokens each. Each Legendary Artifact will be available for 48h before returning to the vault!

2/5 - 2/7 Maori War Club
2/7 - 2/9 Clem Sohn’s Wingsuit
2/9 - 2/11 Ramesses II’s Abu Simbel
2/11 - 2/13 Huey Armament System
2/13 - 2/15 Li Vessel
2/15 - 2/17 Arm Reliquary of Charlemagne
2/17 - 2/19 Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

February Legendary Calendar

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  • 25

Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in February!

2/5 - 2/18
Marco Polo’s Legendary Vault - 300 tokens
Marco is opening access to his vault of special wares for a limited time!
More information will be revealed on 1/24!

2/5 - 2/12
Demarcation Stone - 100 tokens

2/12 - 2/19
Ming Dynasty Pheonix Crown - 100 tokens

2/19 - 2/26
Ruyi Scepter - 100 tokens
Yukimura Sanada’s Armor - 300 tokens

2/26 - 3/4
Rosetta Stone - 100 tokens
Art of War - 300 tokens
DomiNations Update 12.1.2 - New Councilor Alcibiades
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Greetings Leaders,

Our 12.1.2 update introduces the next upcoming Councilor, Alcibiades!

New Councilor - Alcibiades (Leader)
A charismatic and enigmatic figure in ancient Greece, Alcibiades was a prominent Athenian statesman and general who defected city-states three times during the Peloponnesian War era. Despite this controversy, his strategic brilliance and dynamic persona left a persistent mark on Athenian history, shaping the political landscape and military strategies of his time.

He will be available very soon, starting 1/15/24!

Catapult Damage +6%Catapult Damage +8%Catapult Damage +10%Catapult Damage +13%Catapult Damage +16%
Defensive Tower Damage +8%Defensive Tower Damage +10%Defensive Tower Damage +13%Defensive...
January Legendary Calendar
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  • 10
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in January!

1/1 - 1/8
Crescent Blade - 300 tokens
Vespa 150 TAP - 100 tokens

1/8 - 1/15
Anti Satellite Missile - 300 tokens
Sphinx of Taharqo - 100 tokens

1/15 - 1/22
Joyeuse Sword - 300 tokens
Great Imperial Crown - 100 tokens

1/22 - 1/29
Crocodile Mask - 300 tokens
Vz-9 Avrocar - 100 tokens

1/29 - 2/4
RQ-2 Pioneer - 300 tokens
Personal Computer - 100 tokens
Season 6 - Untold Winters
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Greetings Leaders,

Season 6: Untold Winters Kicks off today with a new set of strategies to explore! This season features a shorter list of changes, but MUCH more potent than previous Seasons. The Fortified Strongpoint will be the featured special building giving you an additional Troop Tactic slot, and Bombers will make much more concentrated bombing runs.

This Season begins on 12/17 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 03/03 at 15:00 UTC.

Season 6: Untold Winters is here! Experiment with tremendous destruction while attacking with Heavy Infantry and Bombers, or keep your army safe with the enhanced Tactical Helicopter boosted by Amplification! Watch invaders fall as you outplay them with new defensive strategies around the Anti Tank Gun and powerful Claymore improvement! All this and more during Season 6: Untold Winters.

New Offensive Strategies!
  • Heavy Infantry Movement Speed +40%
  • Heavy Infantry Level 1-8 Defender Infantry Reduction Removed! (Heavy Infantry...
The Road Ahead: Winter Edition
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Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to another edition of our Road Ahead, dedicated to delving into the future prospects of DomiNations. Here, we take a look into upcoming content and features, unveiling what's in store for the journey ahead. While we strive to be more transparent and forward-thinking in sharing our plans, it's important to note that many of the topics we discuss are still in development and subject to change in the ever evolving landscape of our roadmap.

Before diving in, we want to take a moment and look back at some of the strides we’ve made in 2023. One of our primary focuses this year was to improve the Quality of Life in many areas of the game. From toggling donated defenders, to increasing Artifact storage, to finding ways to smooth out the time spent in game with one-touch gathering. There has also been a major focus on getting new players through the earliest parts of the game faster, creating a denser, more competitive experience for those farther along in the...
DomiNations Update 12.1 - Manufactory Arrives!
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  • 80
DomiNations Update 12.1 brings a large wave of features. The Manufactory arrives, adding an additional layer of strategy to your Troops and Bases. We also reveal another brand new Councilor that is set to release at the end of this year.
Dominations - Progression and Resource Update
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As DomiNations has continued to grow over the years, so has the amount of time and dedication it takes to progress to the heart of the game. With this in mind, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience for both new and longstanding players alike.
With DomiNations Update 12.1, we're implementing a series of changes aimed at helping players progress faster and more efficiently, at all stages of the game.

As a new player, it doesn't take very long to start running into timers that halt progression. We'd like to make it easier for new players to get even further into the game before experiencing the weight of longer build times. A lot of fun content unlocks early on, and this should allow new players to sink their teeth into more as they are just starting out.

For established, experienced players, it becomes quite easy to run out of ways to interact with your base as Citizens can sometimes be tied up on upgrades for weeks at a time. In addition to timer...
December Legendary Token Calendar
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  • 7
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in December!

12/1 - 12/4
Da Vinci’s Machinegun - 300 tokens
Sutton Hoo Helmet - 100 tokens

12/4 - 12/11
McConnell’s Hero Ensemble - 300 tokens
Stopler Revolver - 100 tokens

12/11 - 12/18
Jade Olmec Mask - 300 tokens
Normandy SCR-536 “Walkie Talkie” - 100 tokens

12/18 - 12/25
Desert Storm PSN-8 Manpack - 300 tokens
Mask of Agamemnon - 100 tokens

12/25 - 1/1
Video Game Console - 300 tokens
Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Helmet - 100 tokens
November Legendary Token Calendar
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  • 19
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in November!
The Manufactory
  • 24,748
  • 91
The Manufactory will be a brand new building coming to DomiNations. This building will have you crafting Munitions to improve various aspects of your Troops and Defensive Buildings.
DomiNations Update 12.0
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  • 43
DomiNations Update 12.0 introduces Automation Age! The latest age brings in a new level of Upgrades for your Troops and Buildings! We’ve also made adjustments to Level 12 Troop Tactics due to the addition of Level 13 Troop Tactics for Automation Age. 12.0 also brings in multiple visual fixes to show correct Troop art. You can also take an early look at the latest Councilor to join DomiNations!