Library technologies proposal to improve barrack's troops


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Aug 30, 2021
I have seen some interesting ideas to make barracks troop more popular, the one I liked most was reducing their troop space capacity but I would do it in a different way.
In my view, BHG could adress the community requests by adding a new technology tree like "archaeology" or "leage of nations", maybe a new one called "the great war" to justify these new war technologies. (I would add this new technology tree at Global Age because it’s the one that represents the Second World War).

Some ideas for new chapters:

“War preparations”
Chapter 1: increase ranged infantry hitpoints by 20%
Chapter 2: increase light tank damage by 20%
Chapter 3: increase howitzer damage by 10%
Chapter 4: increase troop space capacity by 5
Chapter 5: increase unique nation troop damage by 10%

Chapter 1: increase heavy infantry damage against infantry by 20%
Chapter 2: increase field mortar damage against defenders by 20%
Chapter 3: increase supply truck hitpoints by 10%
Chapter 4: reduce field mortar troop space by 2
Chapter 5: increase howitzer range by 2

“Maginot Line”
Chapter 1: increase wall limit by 5
Chapter 2: increase sniper tower damage by 10%
Chapter 3: increase defensive mortar’s damage by 10%
Chapter 4: reduce garrison spawn time by 10%
Chapter 5: defensive mortars have enemy artillery as favourite target

“Battle of Normandy”
Chapter 1: increase attacking coalition troops damage by 5%
Chapter 2: increase defensive coalition troops damage by 5%
Chapter 3: increase heavy infantry damage by 10% in WW attacks
Chapter 4: a battalion of heavy infantry will land on the shore in WW attacks
Chapter 5: allows a single bombardment from the shore of a small area in WW attacks

On the other hand, e have a lot of unique designs for countless types of mercenaries but all nations share the same troops since industrial age. I know it's a lot of work, but it would be nice if developers would change troop skins acording to each nation (at least tanks and planes), starting from industrial age and gradually the following ages.

Finally, I would add some new content for early ages to keep their interest. It would be so nice if every general had a unique ability, maybe leveling your generals up or earning skill points in war battles to unlock new skills? (A game called Rise of kingdoms has an interesting skill tree mechanic for generals). A roman and korean general would be so nice too.


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello there, wow I love your ideas to this. I think for the battle of normandy library research, a little ww buff for defence is also required as it would make attackers a little too over powered. But the concept of landing troops and bombardment sounds extremely fun. I'm totally up for that. I like everything you said, I think the damage the ranged infantry deals to defenders should be increased by a large amount instead of their health. The damage is insufficient, even against defenders. I have posted a topic on troop skins and general unique abilities before, I'm to see someone else talking about it other than me. All and all I like your ideas. I hope some of the these gain the attention of the devs and mods, would love to see some rebuffs, readjustments and revamps of certain existing units Leviathan