Separate Battle report from Replay AI System


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Aug 23, 2022
In war is what I am mainly concerned with. I have noticed and I am sure most have the AI replay system is completely broken and the bad battle reports make player feel others are cheating etc.

What happens is battle reports show people using 13 to 21 air slots etc plus Troop tactics. I have reported several times this occurring. The staff blame it on AI misinterpretation of air troop make strife runs.

The fix separating battle report from the AI. The report should show everything that hit ur base. Ie every troop, every tactic used, every donated troop they used. This would greatly help defender know what exactly hit them. The biggest thing it would is reduce false reporting of cheating. If BHG can track every dime I spend on game this should be a easy fix . Since we all know we will never get a true replay cause of device restrictions
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