Game Center friends do not appear on friends list


Approved user
Apr 15, 2015
I am having an issue with my Game Center friends who have Dominations not appearing in my friends list within the game.
-I am logged into my Game Center
-I see the Game Center welcome message when I load Dominations, so I know that it is connected
-When I load Game Center and view my friend who has the game, I can see Dominations listed under his list of games
-When I view the Dominations game in my Game Center & look at the friends who play section, I see her listed there
-She can see me listed in "Friends" in game
-She does not appear in my "Friends" list in game when viewed by either clicking on the medal in the top right or by clicking on the alliance gate

I have tried logging out & back into game center. I've tried deleting Dominations (keeping it in game center) and reinstalling. No matter what I do, she will not appear in my friends list in game.