Shut it down and fix it


Approved user
Jan 28, 2015
I've had it. Why don't you just shut it down , fix the problems so I can simply just play. How hard is it. I'm loosing all my hard earned work because It keeps shutting down. No defence log. Can't chat with my alliance. Troop request not working. Freezing during battle. Good game if it was playable. Do something. Do I need to get legal advice? Do I get a refund? What can you do for the players that "do" spend money. Really unfair.


Thank you for sharing your feedback -- the game team does its best to address issues they are able to identify during development, and also new ones that players bring to light. We appreciate your support, especially when you are able to help us identify bugs that may affect the enjoyability of the game. While in a perfect world, each bug could be easily and quickly fixed, unfortunately, it's much more complicated than that.