Update 05/02/23: Game is working now for me…… Game Freezing Up on iPhone 14 since version 11.1201.1201

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Nov 30, 2018
Problem started after update to version 11.1201.1201. And, it was not fixed in version 11.1210.1210 (update 11.8). The game freezes after about 30 seconds. Nothing fixes it, including a reinstall of the game.

I’m using a fully updated iPhone 14 Pro Max. All my apps are updated. And, iOS is also up to date. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does not help. Also, when re-downloading the game, it is taking an unusually long time to download. And I have very fast wi-fi which is working just fine otherwise. I have been playing DomiNations on this phone for months without any problems until the update.

Please help fix this. I haven’t been able to play Dominations for 6 days now, since update to 11.1201.1201. I know I’m not the only person experiencing problems as I’ve seen some other people post stuff online that they have not been able to play since the update either. I tried going through Customer Service, but they just suggested all the usual troubleshooting steps, which I had already done, and nothing helped. They said they were sorry, but they can’t help me any further. If they would just give this information to their developers so they can look at what was messed up in that update, I bet they could fix it. Maybe it only affects iOS or iPhone users or something. I am using an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Surely somebody on the team has one of those as it’s the current iPhone. All they need to do to confirm the problem is uninstall DomiNations, and try reinstalling it (I think there’s a problem with the download also because it’s taking extremely long), and seeing if it will run on their phone without freezing up.

Other Apple device users are having trouble since update to 11.1201.1201 also. And version 11.1210.1210 didn’t fix it. Just go to the Apple App Store and look at the most current reviews for Dominations to see people starting to complain.

Update: Today, May 2nd, the game suddenly started working ok again for me….which is odd because no game update was released. Maybe it was something on the game server side. Anyway, I will update if any further problems resurface. It’s been like a week and a half since I posted this, and not one person responded on here to my post. You would think someone from the team would monitor these posts, and at least say something like they’re looking into it or working on it or something.
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