NTG chance from museum & university

Deja Trop Tard

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Aug 30, 2018

No one knows how NTG chance work
- from university
- from museum

The known mechanism is
- case A. Do a 3* or 4* battle to have a chance to obtain a NTG related to ennemy you just killed
- case B. Do 5* and you are sure to obtain 2 NTG related to this ennemy
- case C. If you completed Moctezuma, and if you get at least one NTG as above ( A or B ), then you will also get another random NTG
- case D. Using Bjorn may provide additional random NTG

The musefum has below bonus
- "National trade good chance".
How does museum work?
- Does it boost chance to obtain NTG when you only 3* and 4* ( case B. ) ?

The university has below bonuses
- Léo, "Marble Chance"
- Sejong, "Porcelaln Chance"
- Wu, "Tea chance"

How does university work?
- It could impact the random NTG. But then a leader skill would only impact another skill
- or it could increase the chance to obtain a NTG in case B but only if that's against the nation providing Marble / Porcelain / Tea ?