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No support available in anything other than Korean


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Sep 18, 2017
So I have a few bugs in my game - the most annoying currently in Marco Polo never turns up so I can't spend rubies.

I create a support ticket and then have an email conversation with these guys


and their only help is to tell me to log a ticket here


Unfortunately that is in Korean, and I don't speak, write or read Korean. I tried, but I never got a reply so I probably did it wrong.

I email the English speaking guys again and all they say to do is use that Korean support link, even though I don't speak Korean, I don't live in Korea and I have never even been to Korea. I do like kimchi once in a while, but I don't think that is enough of a reason to have me linked to Korean support permanently.

As such, I have no other options. Can anyone advise how I can contact CS in English and have them do anything other than fob me off with a Korean support link? We swapped over 20 emails and that is their only answer. I asked to escalate to someone who can help, so they gave me the Korean support link again.......

I am being driven mad. Please someone, help!1