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Inconvenience of using troops from "Reserves" -> "Combat"


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Dec 5, 2023
Troops (recruits) are given as a gift for a various actions, and they appear in the “Reserves” -> “Combat” section, but they are very inconvenient to use.

For example, I have a Bazooka recruit in my reserves. I lost my bazookas in battle and they are in line for restoration at the factory (the same goes for barracks, airfields, tactics at the Military Academy). In order not to wait for recovery time, I can use a recruit, but for this I first need to remove the bazooka from the recovery queue.

It would be much more convenient if it was possible to hire a recruit (or other troops, tactics - from the “Reserves” -> “Combat” tab) immediately directly, without these unnecessary actions to remove from the queue for restoration. That is, if in the queue for restoration is a bazooka, I select the bazooka recruit, and this unit is immediately restored, and it is automatically removed from the restoration queue (may be with confirmation this action).

I have already accumulated a huge number of these troops in reserve, but I don’t use them precisely because there is such an inconvenience - first remove them from the queue, then go to the section and add them from there.
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