Extra clan promotion level idea for clan members


New member
Dec 31, 2018
May I suggest an extra tier for clan member levels? Current levels (lowest to highest):

Ally (no perks)
Council (Perks: Can promote or demote other Council or Allies)
Co-Leader (Can promote or demote Council or Allies (I think - can they also demote other co-leaders?), and start WWs)
Leader (Can do everything)

My idea for an extra tier would be “Lord”. This is to give leaders etc the ability to promote members in recognition for service, without giving them the ability to promote or demote other members. The “Lord” promotion can then be used for trusted members, to take the place of what is “Council” currently.

So my proposed new levels and their perks would be (lowest to highest)

Ally (no perks)
Council (also no perks)
Lord (Perks: Can promote or demote Council or Allies only, but not other Lords)
Co-Leader (Can promote or demote Lords, Council or Allies only, but not other Co-Leaders, and can start WWs)
Leader (Can do everything - there is still only 1 leader)

What do you guys think? I’m a co-leader and want to promote several members in recognition of service, but don’t want them promoting other allies.