DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence


Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 11.12 will introduce even more updates from our Quality of Life list. Your continued feedback has helped tremendously in the direction of implementing these changes. We still have even more that we’re working to implement, and are still making additions to our QoL list from the feedback you’ve continued to give us since our initial Road Ahead Post.

Quality of Life Updates
  • Increased Artifact Storage to 255
    • In Update 11.11 we added additional Artifact Storage slots to your Museum. Initially, our goal was to add storage capacity up to 315 but found additional steps needed to be taken in order to hit this milestone and potentially beyond. We are currently focused on other aspects of the QoL list and may revisit this in the future to increase the storage capacity further.
  • No Refill Required for Missile Silo and Bunkers
    • In Update 11.11 you may have noticed that we removed the necessity to refill your Missile Silo and Bunkers with Oil to keep defending your bases. For 11.12 we’ve made some adjustments to a couple of Library Research Chapters.

      Offensive Ballistics Chp. 4 - Reduces Missile Silo Upgrade cost by 15%

      Guided Missiles Chp. 3 - +5% Missile Silo Damage in World War Battles

      The Research Cost and Time will remain the same for these chapters.

  • You can now see Player Levels in World Wars
    • Player Levels will now be displayed in the Player Roster list and Main Map during World Wars.
    • Unfortunately, some players may see that their level is off by one level higher or lower. This is only a visual issue, and we are already preparing a fix that we expect to release in 11.13.
  • You can now open all daily Free Councilor Recruitments at once
    • Found in the Council Building in the Recruit menu, the Standard Recruitment.
  • A new Council Collection button will appear over the Council Building to collect your reward when you have reached a reward milestone

  • Councilor information windows will now have Committee information included in a new icon
    • The Committee Icon will appear underneath Councilors when they are participating in a Committee. Tapping this icon in the Council Chambers will open a window highlighting the Committee the Councilor is a part of.
    • If the Councilor is the Head of a Committee all of the benefits will be displayed when selecting them in their respective Council Chamber (Primary or War).
  • Wonders that offer similar resources will now be a part of the one-touch gather functionality
    • This works for Gold, Food, and Oil collection.
    • Roads are now included in the one-touch gather functionality.
  • Parliament Law Donations will no longer show Donation Score but instead, show how many Donations are made by each Player from the previous day
    • During the initial release the donation numbers may appear differently for potentially a day after the 11.12 Release.
  • All levels of War Tactics now take only 5 minutes to train
    • Implemented during 11.11 hotfixes
  • All Speed Ups are now unlocked when the Archive is built
    • At Archive Level 1 1h, 6h, 12h, 1d, 2d, and 5d Speed Ups are usable.
    • Upgrading the Archive still has the same resource costs, upgrade times, XP, Age Requirements, and HP. But will not unlock any new Speed Ups.
    • Implemented during 11.11 hotfixes
  • Map Debris now clears in 2 seconds
    • Includes Trees, Large Grass, Rocks, Diamond Mine, Oil Seeps, Ruins/Statues, Mercenary Camps.
    • Gold Deposits will remain at 10 seconds, this could change in the future.
    • This doesn’t include Hunting and Supply Drops.
    • Implemented during 11.11 hotfixes
  • Video Retrain is now available every 4 hours (down from 6)
New Councilors Florence Nightingale and Hannibal

You’ll be getting your first look at the two NEW Councilors coming to DomiNations in Update 11.12 and will be available for Recruitment later this year.



Heavy Cavalry HP +5%Heavy Cavalry HP +7%Heavy Cavalry HP +9%Heavy Cavalry HP +12%Heavy Cavalry HP +15%
Generals HP +7%Generals HP +9%Generals HP +12%
Generals DMG +11%Generals DMG +14%
MRL DMG & HP +25%


Enemy Wall HP -5%Enemy Wall HP -6%Enemy Wall HP -7%Enemy Wall HP -9%Enemy Wall HP -12%
Heavy Tank HP +4%Heavy Tank HP +5%Heavy Tank HP +7%Heavy Tank HP +10%
MRL DMG +10%MRL DMG +13%MRL DMG +16%
MRL DMG & HP +17%MRL DMG & HP +20%
Heavy Tank DMG +6%



Enemy Air Def. DMG -3%Enemy Air Def. DMG -4%Enemy Air Def. DMG -5%Enemy Air Def. DMG -6%Enemy Air Def. DMG -8%
Bomber DMG +4%Bomber DMG +5%Bomber DMG +7%Bomber DMG +10%
Paratrooper HP +8%Paratrooper HP +11%Paratrooper HP +15%
Paratrooper DMG +7%Paratrooper DMG +10%
Bomber DMG & HP +7%


Supply Cart Healing +8%Supply Cart Healing +10%Supply Cart Healing +12%Supply Cart Healing +15%Supply Cart Healing +20%
Defender Spawn Time -8%Defender Spawn Time -10%Defender Spawn Time -13%Defender Spawn Time -16%
Enemy Missile Silo DMG -5%Enemy Missile Silo DMG -7%Enemy Missile Silo DMG -10%
Bazooka Attack Speed +11%Bazooka Attack Speed +15%
All Def. Tower DMG & HP +6%

You can expect Hannibal to become available starting 8/28, and Florence Nightingale will become available on 9/25.

Additional Updates
  • Fixed an issue where some Decoy Traps wouldn’t receive Damage
    • In these instances, Attackers could attack the Decoy Traps, but wouldn’t deal damage. The Decoy Trap would instead last until it expired. This has now been corrected.
  • Added additional text to the Encyclopedia entry for Artifact re-roll
    • Highlighting that Artifacts can only have up to two of the same stat bonus maximum.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the Level 19 Landmine would appear as a Mortar
    • Truly a bark worse than its bite.
  • Superior Council Recruitments will be added to the Council Building
    • In 11.11 we reduced the price of Premium Recruitments in the Council Building to match the prices of these same recruitments from Marco (50 Crowns for a Premium Recruitment, 500 Crowns for a Premium Recruitment x11).
    • You’ll now find Superior Recruitments here as well (150 Crowns for a Superior Recruitment, and 1500 Crowns for a Superior Recruitment x11).
    • Marco will no longer be offering Premium and Superior Recruitments for Crowns from September onward.
  • Multiple fixes to localization errors, and updated UI elements

DomiNations Update 11.12 is currently planned to be submitted today, 8/18, and we expect the download to be available on app stores early to mid-next week! With this update, we don't expect interruptions to any active World Wars, this includes interruptions to being able to Donate Troops to your Allies!

EDIT: Added Councilor Duty for Hannibal (Warrior) and Florence (Scholar)
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Thank you for the update, I really enjoy the game and your team’s efforts to improve gameplay.

The one elephant in the room, is a large QoL in the upper levels. When it takes 15 or more days to upgrade everything. All my people are busy, library is full, armory is full, all the storages are full, so there is no point in raiding, or even playing the game. I have to wait several days to be able to do anything and I’m only in Space Age.

It would be nice when a new level is introduced, the previous levels are adjusted to have more appropriate upgrade times.
The team is currently working on a fix for the War Tactic and Debris Clearing to get that back to the reduced times.

A separate issue with the council building popped up. Do be careful in War matches and do NOT click on the Council building during your attacks. The new Council Reward button appears above the building during the attack, and tapping it will open your Council Rewards and lead into your chamber. It will also remove your attack hud and you will be unable to attack, and you can place only the last highlighted unit on the field. You will either need to force-stop your game, resulting in what is equivalent to ending the battle early or watching the battle play out on its own. This is a priority issue that the team is working on.
One more bug in 11.12:
The Market has lost it's "Collect" button, I can no longer collect gold from the Market

Apologies, please ignore my comment about the Market, too early in the morning and I was not caffeinated enough. I had the collectors and storages mixed up.
Can anyone confirm this change? My Top10 report still shows the total research points earned instead of the number of donations.
Am I looking in the wrong place or is this not live yet?
Checked in on this, this hasn't been sent out live yet but was supposed to be activated with the release of 11.12. Hopefully, you should see this change reflect after daily reset later today.
@Harlems369th you did great work to adding new councilors in council.
But you forgot to add more collection milestone rewards!
Many folks out there have collected up to 170/180 councilors but there is not rewards for them. Because collection rewards stops at 160 .
Please, add further rewards, thanks
This is all great feedback regarding the Parliament Leaderboard. Unfortunately, with the way the Leaderboard is currently built it shows only the Top 10 and we would need to take another pass at this, and time, to expand it further.

The idea behind the change was to get a number that wasn't determined by random chance. The previous version of the leaderboard would mean that not everyone's 15 donations would weigh the same, and placement on the leaderboard wasn't necessarily determined 100% by the actual contributions made by a member. The team's intent was to have consistency on the Parliament Leaderboard.
Now that we’ve had it for a few weeks, it’s become apparent that the change to showing parliament donations instead of points was a step in the wrong direction. Since we have more than 10 alliance members donating 15 times each day, the report just shows the same 10 names every day. Can no longer tell anything at all about other members donations. Would be made useful if it displayed info for all alliance members, not just top 10. Or, at a minimum, break ties when deciding which members to count as top 10 using donation points. Of course, the real holy grail here is still to track total donations for all members, just as you do for troop donations, and display in the alliance gate report.
I got her today both via fusion and reroll; and she's likely also available via recruit. So, likely a small delay in time (an hour) while the servers all caught up (just a guess).