DomiNations: The Road Ahead Fall Edition

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The Road Ahead: Fall Edition
Summer has come and gone, which means we’re back with a look ahead at what's coming to DomiNations this Fall. We’ve got a lot to cover because, in addition to a new season, councilors, and artifacts, the arrival of a new Age is almost here. The Age of Automation!

Quality of Life
One of our core focuses this summer was finding ways to improve the quality of life of all DomiNations players. We’ve sent out surveys and asked on the forums and social media, and you all answered the call with great suggestions and feedback on what you would like to see improved upon in DomiNations. We’ve made a lot of progress already, but we’re not done yet!

While we’ve focused on releasing quality-of-life updates over the past three months, we’ve also started having discussions around larger quality-of-life updates that we think you will be very excited to hear about. We’ve started internal talks around two of these new QOL features: Museum Loadouts, which is targeting a release this year, and Custom Matches, which is in early discussion. Keep in mind these are long-term goals that won’t arrive until later this year at the earliest. We’ve got some cool ideas in mind and would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see included with them. We hope you’re excited about our peek behind the curtain and look forward to sharing more information with you later this year!

In the last three months since we premiered The Road Ahead Blog (11.10 - 12.0), we’ve introduced the following Quality of Life updates:
  • Increased Oil Well generation and storage during earlier Ages
  • All Legendary Artifact displays are available upon building the Museum
  • Increased storage capacity and generation of Mysterious Fragments
  • Increased the amount of Museum Currency from Museum Mystery Boxes
  • No refill is required for Missile Silo and Bunkers
    • Offensive Ballistics Chp. 4 - Reduces Missile Silo upgrade cost by 15%
    • Guided Missiles Chp. 3 - +5% Missile Silo damage in World War battles
  • You can now see Player Levels in World Wars
  • Map debris now clears in 2 seconds
  • Video Retrain is now available every 4 hours (down from 6)
  • Wonders that offer similar resources will now be a part of the one-touch gather functionality
  • All levels of War Tactics now take only 5 minutes to train
  • Bunkers will correctly spawn units in World Wars even if your base Oil reserve is empty
  • Increased the amount of Museum Currency from Museum Mystery Boxes
  • Increased “Are you there?” timer to 20 minutes

Make sure to grab our latest release, 11.13; this update is available this week and brings with it additional QOL updates, including:
  • You will now be able to move Mercenary Camps that spawn from cleared forests
  • You can now turn on and off when Donated Troops and Generals will defend your base from Multiplayer Attacks
  • Fixed the issue where Player Levels would display incorrectly in the World War Map and Roster.

We have also invested time into our replay system. Recent additions will make it much easier for us to identify and improve sources of inaccuracy. We are examining the data now and will release replay improvements in future builds as they are fixed.

Additional effort has been placed on security in the second half of 2023 and will continue going forward. This has resulted in permanent bans, removal from leaderboards, and restored glory to affected alliances. Maintaining and improving security remains a top priority.

Season 5 - Battle Surveillance
We’re winding down on Season 4, and a new season is hot on its heels. Season 5: Battle Surveillance will launch on September 24th! Be ready for powerful General and Heavy Cavalry bonuses and Supply Vehicle bonuses to keep their allies healthy. Steal more defenders with Betrayal, or use this Season’s new strategies for the Recon Planes to encourage your troops to destroy them instead! Attackers be warned: there are powerful Generals on the defensive side and other powerful buffs to stand against you.

Here are some of the changes you can expect to see in Season 5:


New Councilors and Artifacts are on the way!
There’s a lot of new content coming to DomiNations this fall, among which are three new Councilors who will be available to recruit. Florence Nightingale will be available to add to your Council next week, September 25th. You may have seen that Queen Seondeok has been recently added to the Council Collection; we’re happy to say she will be available to recruit on October 23rd. But that’s not all, though. A new Councilor is coming to DomiNations the following month, Njinga Mbandi, which will arrive in November.

The Museum will also see two new additions this year with the arrival of two new Artifacts, the British Kettle Drum (WAR) and Leoni Parade Shield. If you are gearing up for WAR, the new British Kettle Drum focuses on buffs to Barrack Troops and Mortar Troops—providing substantial damage and health upgrades to powerful army configurations. Multiplayer battles will get a power-up with the Leoni Parade Shield, an offensive artifact that bolsters the ability of Heavy Tanks, Generals, and Bombers.


Automation Age
Finally, the Age of Automation has arrived in DomiNations. It’s been over a year since the arrival of Drones, and we couldn’t be more excited to roll out what is sure to be a fun new Age of wonder for players in DomiNations who have reached Level 370. For those of you who are ready to embark on this Age, we have a lot of awesome new art and upgrades to buildings, structures, and units to take your base to the next level. You can also add an additional House and S.A.M. Battery to your base configurations. A new building will be arriving soon after the initial release of the Automation Age, which is the introduction of a new building called The Manufactory, which will bring a new element of crafting to DomiNations!

Automation Age - The Manufactory
Launching this year after the release of the Automation Age will be our newest building, The Manufactory. We are also opening access to the building to more Ages, giving players from the Industrial Age and beyond the ability to play around with this new crafting system.

The Manufactory can be used to create reagents that can then be used to craft Munitions. These Munitions are permanent upgrades assigned to troops and Defensive Structures that can make them stronger or even alter how they play in battles. All resources needed by the Manufactory can be created at the Manufactory, and players can always decide what they want the building to create next.

For our Leaders who are focused more on the defensive side of DomiNations, we’ve heard you, and we think you will be excited to hear that there will be Munitions tailored to give you more options than ever before on how you protect your base and fight off attacking armies. Be on the lookout for a full breakdown of everything Manufactory next month.

The Manufactory will be available to playtest in our Early Test Builds Program later this year. We will post more information on how to sign up for a chance to try out this new feature and provide feedback soon.

We are targeting a release soon after Automation Age goes live this Fall, but the feature is nearing the testing phase. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.
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Maybe you should worry about your war matching system because it is terrible at best. Instead of all is these ridiculous buffs fix a real problem. But it will just be ignored as you work on more ways for people to spend their way through the ages of the game.
These are not Temporary Artifacts, they're new Legendary Artifacts.

Temporary Artifacts were something that was simply tried, tested, and shelved for now. Currently, we're focused on other things, there will always be the possibility we'll revisit the feature in the future, but for now, we have no plans to do so and certainly wouldn't do so without requesting more feedback from the community on any changes implemented.
Thank you Harlem, u guys have been changing slowly, there is finally positive vibes surrounding the game & the community . Keep the good work !!
We will always find something to complain about.
Now I have 2 things to raise...
The return of the Stallion and generals in the daily videos and if they can reduce the price of the seasonal chest. 500 crowns? I would be willing to buy a pair if they were for 200 crowns.
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Re: Inaccurate Video Replays

You've probably figured this out, but most of the problem seems to stem from forest defenders. They never appear in the replay from the same place they actual appeared in the battle. As a consequence, the replay is always inaccurate.
Still hoping for an update on World War page that will accurately reflect troop stats based on Museum, Coalitions, and Counselors selected.