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Add Coalition idea- invading para and mortar damage


New member
Feb 19, 2023
this is my first post as I’ve been playing this game over the years and enjoy it immensely! I’m a defensive player but I swear I’m tired of this paratrooper, mortar and ranged siege attacks. I just had an idea if bhg could add a coalition to counter those attacks. Perhaps invading para damage and invading mortar damage? I know Filipinos counters bombers and fighters but not paras. Any other thoughts? I may or may not be with the consensus on this but I think it would add an element and make it challenging for offense and defense. Keep enjoying the game!

King Crimson

Approved user
Apr 21, 2016
Those troops are slow so you should direct them towards bottlenecks and have your defenders swarm them - at least this works for me (most of the time)