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Zero usable support channels


Approved user
Sep 18, 2017
Is anyone else stuck in the same situation as me where they have zero access to customer support?

In game my CS menu is in Korean, and ignore everything I write in English. Four tickets over past six months, zero replies.
The support email address tell me I am on the Asian build of the game and they can't help me
The support link on website ends up with the email support team who advise me they cant help me because I have the Asian build of the game
I post on these forums and get roundly ignored

Did anyone find a way round this seemingly insoluble issue?


New member
Jun 4, 2017
Sorry to hear you've encountered some trouble, Bloodaxe.

CS does split its issues between Asia & West groups, based on the version of the game you have. I'll send you a P/M to see if we can help find you a way to connect to CS.