Sharing a Fellow Members War base


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Dec 5, 2017
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I won't share mines because really the rose valentines has been done to death so I won't bore with that one but this is a fellow alliance members war base and it has performed very well. I know that a lot of people also give up in terms of fighting against silos but it doesn't mean you have to lay down and let them smash your base. Of course it takes time to redo a base and that's why most people decide not to change anything but it does in fact matter, particularly having a maze like layout. This base design as worked pretty well since industrial and only gotten better with a silo. Of course if an extremely high lvl player willing to drop max level troop cards is attacking than it won't matter but this design isn't easily defeated by the normal player either.

As far as background info, this player is lvl 155 AA.
Mortars, tank guns, towers, AA guns, are all maxed only to I.A. (One tower and one tank gun to G.A)
Bunkers maxed to GA
Tanks depots level 8 so not quite max GA
Mostly all low lvl garrison other than one maxed I.A. garrison to help the colleseum
Barbed wires and landmines maxed I.A. Ambush traps are all lvl 1-2. Sams (only 2 so far) are lvl 1.
Silo Obviously at AA because it was rush event
Redoubts lvl 1 and sniper towers lvl 1 and lvl 2
Walls are almost all global maxed with a few pieces because when you raid that much and have leftover food and gold, the walls get upgraded.

There are still a lot of defensive buildings not built since he went to AA but he's working on university and embassy to max his offense out because he turns back to work on def. This base has defended against CWA players that obviously didnt know what to do with they're MK7 HT. Obviously you need more experience to hit up a maze like base as well as having good defenders in there to further strengthen this base. The only concern is how little forest space there is but he will eventually go back and free more room.