Season 8 - Readied Reinforcements


Get ready to reinforce the frontlines in Season 8: Readied Reinforcements! You can look forward to increased healing from Supply Carts with a reduction in their attack speed. APCs can have additional troops spawned, but have less hitpoints. Your Catapult towers will also shoot slower but deliver a devastating amount of damage to attackers. Ambush and Armored Ambush Traps will now spawn additional defenders to come to your Town’s aid! Also, the storage capacities of Caravans, Oil Wells and Farms has been increased. Once the Season ends, all extra stored resources will be lost, so be sure to claim often!

This Season begins 06/02 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 08/18 at 15:00 UTC.

New Offensive Strategies!
Quick Victory Time +15s
Battle Duration -15s
Barrage Damage +25%
Supply Cart Attack Speed -25%
Supply Cart Healing +60%
Fighter Hitpoints +40%
Fighter Damage -20%
APC Max Deployment Amount +2
APC Hitpoints -15%

New Defensive Strategies!
Catapult Damage +60%
Catapult Projectile Speed -33%
Armored Ambush Trap Defenders Spawned +1
Ambush Trap Defenders Spawned +2

Special Unit Bonuses:
Alexander Damage +50%
Hannibal Damage +50%
Genghis Khan Damage +50%
Amplification Increased Healing Bonus +50%
Reinforced Foundations Healing +50%
APC Army Max Deployment Amount +2
APC Army Hitpoints +35%
RAH–66 Comanche Hitpoints +65%
Livens Flame Projector Hitpoints +25%
Siege Elephant Hitpoints +20%
Elephant Archer Damage +25%
Elephant Stable Hitpoints +300%

Additional Bonuses:
Alliance Law Donation Gold Cost -50%
Notre Dame Cost Reduction Bonus +100%
Pentagon Train Time Bonus +100%
Oil Well Storage Size +35%
Caravan Storage Size +35%
Farm Storage Size +35%
Market Storage Size +35%
Mill Storage Size +35%
Oil Refinery Storage Size +35%

The seasonal Supply Drop will include chances at Genghis Khan, APC Army, Resource shipments, and more. These drops will be available from 6/2 - 8/18!

Edit 6/3: We've made the +35% Storage increase to Market, Mill, and Oil Refinery a part of the season's bonuses!
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Currently I have 46.590 mil of gold and food storage and 519,750 k oil. This is easy filled in couple hours if that.
If I just let people attack me I stay full cause they have artifacts that allow it.

All Resources on this game are designed to be filled quickly no matter the age ur in. Before this bonus storage I was fine upgrading everything and will be without the added storage. I personally feel BHG has been good to us by their current system and was not a need for a boost storage capacity till robotics age.

No need to change current system works great. Use the time elsewhere.
If they finish at a similar time but I only have a maximum storage of 3 I can only upgrade one of those
You’re absolutely right!

Some people on here think that we ask for more storage because we’re allergic to having full oil storage lol. And their brilliant solution is to ask for making looting more difficult so that our oil refinery doesn’t get filled up too quickly thinking that we start to have seizures or something once our capacity becomes full.
That is a completely different point than you argued before.
Research and improvement being completed at the same time is simply a sign of a lack of forward planning or poor strategy.

The aim was to highlight that the rate at which you can generate resources does not balance with the amount of resources you can store which seems pointless.
That still remains nonsense.

Have you tried doing the math? Fully upgraded caravans produce around 110 million in 14 days. That's without a museum and without council. The amount can easily be increased with both.
Even with the most expensive trap upgrades you can keep half the workers busy. And we haven't even talked about the resources of roads, farms and oil wells. If we take this further, it becomes clear that we are already producing more than we can spend. However, if income is permanently greater than expenditure, then storage must become infinitely large.

We haven't even talked about loot from battles.