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Screen design when searching for Museum artifacts


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Dec 15, 2020
I am sure that many players will support me.
For many years now, as soon as the “Lucky Museum War Crafting!” event begins, players have been diligently looking for artifacts to improve the parameters of their museum. This takes a lot of time, many, many hours.

On the Artifact Search Screen, only 5 lines describing the benefits and their starting percentage are important for the player. The rest of the information is secondary.
At the same time, the description of the benefits is displayed in small print and after some time the eyes begin to get very tired because they have to concentrate so much.

The design innovations have been very good over the past year.
I am sure that your designer is able to correct this situation and take care of our eyes.
This would be a great addition to "Quality of Life".

I'm not a designer, but just as an example, I'll attach two screenshots - what the screen looks like now and how it would be better. Of course your designer can do much better :)
The main thing is that the emphasis is on five lines describing the benefits of the artifact and their starting percentage.

@Harlems369th, if possible, please include this in future additions.

As is:
As is.JPG

To be:
To be.JPG


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May 17, 2018
When I started playing Dominations my eyes were working fine. Now, 8 years later, they aren't and I find it difficult to read the ingame chat or the artifact lines. The letters are way too small for the vast majority of the Domination players as most of us are 40+ and can't see well the objects close to us.

I 100% agree with the original post. Make letters have a bigger font


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Dec 5, 2023
Very good offer, I'll join you! In general, designers will understand me, in the game it would not hurt to change the “serif” font to the “sans serif” font, remove the “Italic” style and make all the inscriptions a little larger. "Serif" fonts are used primarily in large blocks of text, such as in books, but not for informational one-line messages.
In reality, sometimes it is very difficult to make out what is written, and everything is also complicated by “serifs” - they get confused, for example, “1” and “4”, “3” and “8”, etc. Especially on smartphones, everything is already very small. All this together is very straining on the eyesight.
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