Not buying!


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Jan 25, 2017
Your arrows pointing to the crown pass, you can put a hundred arrows pointing to it but I am not buying.
I haven’t spent dollar one on your game for a few years now.
Why you ask? After being silent for so long I just have to say the reason is how broken your game is.
war matchups are bad...
any reason why we can’t see donated troops so we can know what is left to donate...
chat sometimes busted..
sometimes walls just end up in a random spot leaving a hole in your wall...
nerfing of some troops...horrible...
war troop bar is different then normal troop bar..sometimes have to bang on the damn troop to get it to select which throughs everything off...
sometimes the troop bar is so long it’s impossible to get back and forth quickly and add that to the non selection of troop find yourself going back...
Anyways, that’s why I won’t soend any money on your game anymore.
i still play because it’s a fun game. Just won’t spend on it...for now