New War Legendary Artifact - Week Ahead 7/8


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week we reveal a brand new War Legendary Artifact! Take advantage of the SpeedUp Boost Campaign to help you get through those discounted Summer for the Ages upgrades. You’ll even be stocking up on Tanks this week! All that and more in the Week Ahead!

New War Legendary Artifact - Sophilos’ Dinos

This week you can start picking up the Sophilos’ Dinos War Legendary Artifact in a Step-Up Sale! Each step will give you a chest with a chance to acquire the Legendary Artifact.

Wreak havoc upon your enemies with increased Commando and Wall Miner DMG, and buy them plenty of time with the increased Decoy Tactic HP, while increasing Enemy Defender Spawn Times.

Wall Miner DMG+9%
Commando DMG+6%
Commando HP+8%
Decoy Tactic HP+6%
Enemy Defender Spawn Time+6%

Mid Season Update 7/11
An update to Season 8 - Readied Reinforcements will go live 7/11. You'll find the following changes:

Barrage DMG +25% > +40%
Supply Cart Attack Speed -25% > -30%
Supply Cart Healing +60% > +80%

Catapult DMG +60% > +80%

Amplification Increased Healing Bonus +50% > +70%
Livens Flame Projector HP +25% > +50%

Oil Well Storage Size +35% > +50%
Caravan Storage Size +35% > +50%
Farm Storage Size +35% > +50%

You can check out the full list of changes in our Season 8 post here.

Episode & Event Passes 7/11

Event: Tank Rush 7/11 - 7/18
The Tank Rush Event Pass can get you Free Ball Tank, Ontos Tank, M109 Howitzer Tank, and more Tank related Troop Tactics. Upgrade to the Premium Tier to get even more Tanks like the KV-2 Dreadnought Tank, T28 Tank, you can even get a Super Tank Workshop!

Rank within the Top 100 on the Global Leaderboard for your chance to obtain the Pershing Bas Relief Legendary Artifact!

Event: Speed Up Boost Campaign 7/11 - 7/18
Quickly get through those Summer for the Ages Discounted Upgrades with the Speed Up Boost Campaign Pass. The Free tier features 1h SpeedUps and a 6h Speed Up at the end. The Premium Pass can get you 12h Speed Ups and even a 5d SpeedUp!

Episode 7: Medieval
The Medieval Episode will get you Free Troop Tactics like the Jaguar Warrior Army, AT-4 Bazooka, and the FA-18 Hornet. Premium Pass holders can look forward to the Heavy Tank Legendary Artifact Chest with chances at Legendary Artifacts like Video Game Console, T-34 Tank Engine, Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, and more! You can also acquire Tupolev Tu-160 and General Eisenhower Troop Tactics.


Lewis & Clark 7/7 - 7/11
This week is our Lewis and Clark Event!

In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase, which more than doubled the size of the United States of America. To explore this new land Jefferson formed the Corps of Discovery, led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark. These two explorers, along with a group of soldiers and civilians, left St. Louis in 1804, and over the course of two years traveled on foot and by boat all the way to the pacific coast in what is now Washington State. An important member of the expedition was Sacagawea, a woman from the Lemhi Shoshone tribe who served as interpreter for the expedition and helped the explorers avoid trouble and make their way west in peace.
Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following Coalition upgrades:
• Mongols
• Cherokee
• Americans
• Ethiopians

Polymath Event 7/9 - 7/16
A polymath is someone who is learned in an unusually vast array of subjects, like Leonardo da Vinci. Go to your University and enjoy 50% off on all of Leonardo da Vinci’s University skills for a limited time!

Legendary Step-Ups 7/8 - 7/15
This week’s Legendary Step-Up will also feature the Defensive Tower War Artifact Chest. Each step you receive chests with chances at one of many Legendary Artifacts including Welrod MkII, Huey Armament System, Gemini 8 Gloves, and more!


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