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Feb 8, 2018
First attempt at new Idea/Feature request so be gentle with critique please. :) Productive input on any aspect is welcome, and apologies if it has been suggested before.

Motivation: There have been many requests for ways to both accelerate building upgrades as well as to find new uses for Generals, so I thought maybe there could be a way to incorporate both.

Idea: How about a way to apply generals to accelerate build times. Similar to how generals can be used at dock to upgrade dock rewards perhaps they could be used to accelerate building upgrades.

How it could work
When a user selects a building to upgrade they are prompted to add a general to the project (only active, non-damaged, non upgrading generals). This would facilitate a faster upgrade (starting at 5% reduced time +1% x (level of general)/10) for the building. This would take the general out of circulation for either a fixed time (24/48 h) or for the entire length of the upgrade.

Alternatively, (from Tsamu and pckrn), any general could be added to any building upgrade but at half the effect described above with the full effect only applied to the buildings as specified by General specialtys as detailed below.

Benefits to the game:

Player satisfaction
Addresses stated desires of players, resulting in greater player retention and faster game advancement for new players (greater pool of higher age players)

Potential Revenue
gives further incentive for players to upgrade both castles (to unlock new generals) as well as the generals themselves (to add to the effect on upgrade times) potentially bringing in new revenue if people want to p2advance

(Will update with input from community)

Finer details:
Generals each could have a strength or focus based on historical precedence that focus on buildings that are generally considered high priority (not a comprehensive list of possible upgrades and I tried to couple later age generals with later age building priorities). For example (all quoted text taken from

"After subduing Greece, he then embarked on the conquest of Persia, which led him through Asia Minor, North Africa, Asia, and into the Indian subcontinent.... Alexander was a master of combined-arms warfare, fixing the enemy in place with his phalanxes and then leading his brilliant 'Companion Cavalry' on daring flanking maneuvers against the pinned foe."

Can be used for Markets/Mills/Oil Refinery/Mercenary Camp

"Cleopatra (69-30 BC) was the last independent pharaoh of Egypt and most famous for her tremendous success, intelligence, and allure....After being exiled from the throne due to strained relations with Ptolemy, she aligned herself with the two most important people in Rome: Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. These relationships were as much political tactics as they were personal decisions, helping her to eventually regain power on the throne as the sole ruler of Egypt."

Can be used for Alliance Gate/Library/University

Joan of Arc
"Born a peasant, Joan believed that God had instructed her to save France by expelling its enemies. With no training, Joan convinced Prince Charles of Valois to let her lead the French army to the besieged city of Orléans and see him crowned King"

Can be used for Temple/Barracks/Redoubt

"One of the keys to Nobunaga's success was his willingness to embrace new technology. In the critical Battle of Nagashino, Nobunaga's arquebusiers used volley-fire to destroy the enemy cavalry"

Can be used for Blacksmith/War Academy/Mortars

"Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a French second lieutenant of artillery who, through political savvy and military genius, came to dominate France and nearly conquer all of Europe."

Can be used for Factory/Garrisons/Castle/Bunker/Tank Depot

"During the Korean War, he became Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations forces, where he executed the daring amphibious assault at Incheon to cut the enemy's supply lines."

Can be used for Embassy/Anti-tank guns/Dock and any future Naval or amphibious buildings

"With Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939, his predictions of another global war proved correct, and he became Prime Minister just before the Blitzkreig stormed through France in 1940. For the next year, England stood alone, absorbing punishing air attacks during the Battle of Britain"

Can be used for Air Defense/SAM/Airstrip/Towers/Sniper Towers

If this gets useful feedback i will update as needed.
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