Maps, Second Cities, New game Layer


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Apr 7, 2015
To further draw people into the feeling of moving through the ages why not create something called globes? About 30 - 60 people would inherit each globe. A globe would be a grid system where each player's city would be given a point on a globe where they're city is located. Between players cities forests, mountains, and plains would exist. If a player takes control of a forest he or she receives food production. Mountains would be given gold production, and plains would be places to settle paces. Bases would be like second or third cities but would allow less building and space. Bases are able to be conquered by other players (your first city wouldn't be able to be conquered). Units would have to travel across the map (taking up time) to invade a place. Bases are unlocked during the enlightenment age. You can only control 10 bases at a time per globe.

Next, during the space age players are given the ability to travel between globes to a maximum of 5 other globes where they can settle and invade. Globes would fill up as people join to allow people to be at about the same age during gameplay. Game center friends that start near the same time would be put in the same globe. The MMO system would work in parallel to this. So it would not be replaced.