Losing Experience Points (XP)

Der BabyHund

Dec 11, 2022
Anyone else have an issue with losing experience points?

After completing the first stage of a wonder I gained 4200 xps. A few moments later it was gone. I logged out then back in but didn’t work.

I completed the second stage using crowns then I got xps for both stages (4200 x 2). A few moments later 4200 xp was deducted and was never added back.

Long story short I completed two stages but gained 4200 xp for only one stage.

I reached out to cs but they said it takes a while for xp to sync with server and that my account reflects the correct xp I should have. But this doesn’t make any sense because my xp didn’t take a while to sync— it was already there and was gone a few moments later.

Anyone else had this happen to them? If so, were you able to fix? And how did you go about it? Thank you!


Approved user
May 17, 2018
if you are refering to the atomic age wonders then it is a known issue that was never fixed. In other words, a bug