Dominationsworld site review


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Jun 1, 2016
I only edited one adult word out of this review that I sent to our alliance leaders.

I acknowledge that the website is brand newish (something about Beta maybe?)

Anyways, these are my thoughts (I think this is the right forum… not a big poster)

I just created my account and glanced over the website. My findings:

There’s only 4 things to do:

Store - for people who prefer to go here to purchase crowns instead of doing them in game (you know, the homepage that opens up the game with all of these same exact crown purchases? Yeah, that one.) There is no swag here - t-shirts, coffee cups, keychains, etc.

It’s. Just. Crowns.

News - I didn’t look here.

Games - This very interesting and exciting page has exactly one game listed. Wanna take a guess as to what that one game was?

Community - Clicking here takes you off of this website and opens up the BHG forums page where, you have to log in there as well. I’m ALREADY logged into the “official” account. Why do I have to log in AGAIN to the forums?

IMHO, they should tell you that “you are now leaving this website” or maybe even change the name to BHG Forums… IDK.. So those were my two complaints with that link.

And that is all that is there.

Th only redeeming thing to me about this new website is another way to link your account if yours gets messed up for some reason.

I thought the website sucked, was useless, a completely wasted opportunity to try and get more money out of me (re: swag or other miscellanea) and not worth my time.