British Royals Recruiting!


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Apr 7, 2015
Please join my faction, its brand new! Its based off the British Empire on that note please o please o please, be the British Nation when joining also, it will be a very supportive faction so I hope to see a lot of co-operation! Thanks for taking your time and reading this, much appreciated!
P.S: Please leave a reply when joining (you don't have to though)! Have a nice day!
And if you have any other question feel free to ask! (I will check this post every hour or so to check replies). Also my user name is: King Murr
1.Be supportive and co-operative , be friendly and helpful to the rest of the Royals by being Charitable.
2.Give helpful tips/tricks for example: Fighting Strategies , Money/food making tips...etc.
3.Be Mature, yes you can make a joke and stuff , I myself love jokes but don't make constant immature jokes/comments, here is my tip: use your common sense!
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