VIP retrain is not working 100%


Approved user
Oct 13, 2017
I get this problem maybe 1x per month and re-explaining it to CS is getting to be annoying. VIP retrain will occasionally not retrain all of my aircraft and will often leave 1 fighter not trained. I end up with 7/8 aircraft and have to either use the fighter recruits out of inventory or wait 30 minutes for the fighter to retrain.

No connection issues. It does retrain my generals, war tactics, barracks troops and factory troops without any issues. It just leaves 1 aircraft out.

right now I am arguing with CS trying to get them to replace the 1 stupid little fighter recruit that I had to use since I was trying to do back to back war attacks and did not want to wait 30 minutes.

Apparently some idiot thinks that I believe that VIP retrain replaces recruits in inventory?

you need to hire people that can read and UNDERSTAND English. I am now entering the 3rd round of back and forth with CS and they have tried to close my ticket on me already.