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Update 1.3.55 (Android & iOS) Is Live



The v1.3.55 (Android) and v1.3.55 (iOS) update of DomiNations has been released!

**Please note that it may take some time for the update to become available everywhere, so please be patient when attempting to download it.**

Download v1.3.55 on:
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1CwftvV
App Store on iTunes: http://apple.co/1EMJkgN

What´s New in this Version:

Change Nations and Wonders!
- Starting in the Medieval Age, use Revolution to choose a new Nation!
- Make a Wonder mistake? Don’t fret! Now you can change Wonders!

League Improvements!
- Earn bigger Food and Gold rewards for every victorious multiplayer battle!
- The higher the League, the bigger the rewards!
- The Daily League Bonus now gives specific trade goods!

New War Tactic: Betrayal!
- Convert enemy units to your side!
- Cavalry are prioritized. Very useful when dealing with Horsemen!
- Generals will never betray their leader.
- Betrayed units deal less damage and have less HP. This penalty can be reduced by upgrading Betrayal.

Improved Library Techs!
- Many changes to library techs, with many of them getting a power boost!
- Exploration level 2 now decreases debris clearing cost by 50%.
- Exploration level 2 now adds a chance of finding an animal when clearing debris.
- Zeal level 2 and level 3 swapped places.
- Hounds level 3 now increases chance of finding bears and boars.
- Cast Iron level 3 now increases raider attack by 20%.
- Battle Tactics level 1 now increases duration of Sabotage and Protection by 20%.
- Fortification level 2 now increases Garrison defender attack by 10%.
- Hounds now unlocks in Gunpowder Age.
- Many of the economic techs moved to a later Age - Exploration, Crop Rotation, Commerce, and Zeal
- Ballistics was moved to an earlier Age.

Gunpowder Age Wonders Balance and Improvements!
- Temple of Tikal now increases trade good cap by 2, and refunds 3% of the resources stolen by opponents.
- Taj Mahal now increases loot stolen from opponents by 2%, and gives a free Mercenary Army once per day.
- Angkor Wat no longer increases trade good cap.

Better Player Support!
- All New Customer Support System
- In the Settings tab -> Customer Service
- Houses a better FAQ, more direct contact, and faster responses!

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements!
- Fixes for some Android device crashes
- Massive improvements to cheat and exploit detection and correction systems
- New players no longer get stuck trying to Claim a Goal that can't be Claimed!
- Fixed Wonder info screen showing incorrect resource generation bonuses
- Fixed some cases where DomiNations would stop on the loading or downloading screen
- Mercenaries no longer disappearing from camps after revealing them from an expansion
- Fixed mercenaries who refused to walk to the mercenary camp
- Incomplete replays no longer lock up devices
- Visit button properly closes when trying to visit a different player
- Fixes for Training Blessing not performing as intended when exiting the game
- Fixed Stonehenge Road bonus to work correctly when building is finished and it is already connected to a Town Center
- Fixed incorrect Mill upgrade cost
- Fix for not being able to Request Troops to full capacity after using partial Troop Donation
- Alliance and Leaderboard screens are more performant and show a loading animation when they are loading!
- Alliance Chat messages no longer go out of order
- Alliance names now handle Cyrillic characters
- Alliance Search Improvements (filters Alliances based on medal count and requirements)
- Non-Latin keyboards will now correctly appear when needed
- Players can Request Troops even if they have an existing request for troops (bumps the request to top of the Alliance Chat)
- Added iOS 8 Widget timers for Alliance Gate, Traps, and Roads
- Added Blessings to the Rewards screen after battles
- Added loading animation when Attack and Defense histories are loading from server
- Added an Information popup when tapping on troops, tactics, and blessings in the Attack Replays screen
- Added information for players when medal counts are below the Bronze III league
- Added an info button to the Dock to open Leagues
- Gold generated by Roads, raidable at Town Centers, now show up correctly in replays
- Updated phrasing and places of the "Under Attack" messages
- Updated icons for Wonder Powers
- Troops are automatically bought if Crowns used in place of Food
- Troop training times no longer reset when removing Troops from the training queue
- In Gunpowder age, Blacksmith is renamed to Armory
- A General's current level now correctly appears in the Castle
- Effects and art polish for Generals!
- Players can now view Blessings in the Collections screen without a Temple building
- Much easier to place down a single wall or road in the Map Editor
- Tapping on traps which are on top of roads now selects the trap on first tap
- Goals window now "pings" if you have an expired Goal
- A HOST of grammar fixes (oxford commas and whatnot)
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Jan 7, 2015
Thank you, this is very comprehensive. My only wish for next time... is put out what you're working on as WIP so it's more transparent in advance.


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Apr 27, 2015
Amazing update. Also heartening to know that the cheater issue has been addressed, though I'm uncertain to what extent. Fingers crossed on it being an absolute cleansing, with some banhammers being swung.

Dimas Rinaldi S

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Apr 4, 2015
How to change the Nations? If I change the Wonder need 600 Crowns, how much Crowns to change the Nations?
Sorry for bad English


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May 3, 2015
I might stop being so angry with you for awhile. Hopefully it can stand the test. This game has so much promise. Please don't ruin this! As much as it pains me to say... Good job


Apr 9, 2015
Why free daily crowns removed from league rewards??? After delivering tens of thousands free crowns mostly to paying users, now non paying users will have less crowns... This is a big dissapointment. Fixes are nice, tho.


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Apr 6, 2015
My 2nd catapult has disappeared from my nation.....still says 2 of 2 made but it's no where to be found......just a blank spot of where it use to be.....

This game is laggy

Dude, where's my village?
Apr 26, 2015
Thank you for the update.

I think the patch note is missing 2 things (as far as I can tell)
  • When you tap a player's name in Alliance chat, there is a new "Info" button. However currently pressing it returns a message "The information for this player is not available"
  • Added notification for your attacks.
- Players can now view Blessings in the Collections screen without a Temple building

By the way, what's the Collections screen?
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Apr 12, 2015
exploration rank 3 = 5% chance of finding animal when clearing debris

really? please rethink that one

The Great One

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May 3, 2015
Ahhhh fantastic! Only question: how much does it cost to change Nations, anyone know? Prolly costly in crowns.


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Apr 29, 2015
Thanks for the update. Still experiencing crashes on my Samsung Galaxy s3 though.