uni leader idea 2

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
cause my council bookcase and uni leader post got some attention and the updates change how it's panned out for refrence here.

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https://forums.bighugegames.com/index.php?threads/council-book-case-idea.28344/unread - council

so this is my new uni leader idea: henry t ford: manufactoring and lobbying.

tier 1: oil time and oil uni tech 5 tiers for 15% of each.

tier 2: ww counciler seat+1 and main counciler +1. each one has 3 tiers for 3 extra slots.

tier 3: oil time and cost 3% and 5 tiers for for the other 15% and council free summons by 2 with 3 tiers for 6 extra free summons a day.

tier4: manufactory raw material and manufacuring capacity +1 for 2 tiers for 2 slots. and offline capacity +20 and 5 tiers for 100 extra capacity for raw materials/ manufactured materials slot.

capstone: oil uni tech need 1 less citizen.

to complete the triad of 30% less time and cost for uni research and 1 less cotizen for each. and gives council 3 extra slots for each council type, 10 free summons a day and for manufactory 2 extra slots and extra 100 offline capacity. tiers 1 to 3 unlocked at enlightment age and tier 4 and capstone in industrial age.