"Talk Like a Pirate" Day Event War!!


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Aug 15, 2016
Pirate War.PNG

Avast me hearties!

The Alliance Gate in honor of “Talk Like a Pirate” Day brings a pirate-y themed event war!!


- Only troop tactics allowed arrr Pirate armies on offense AND defense.

- Up to 10 participants from each age for each crew. Ye can only attack yer own age!!

- Coalitions and museum arrr allowed.

- Only Pirate Ship event buildings allowed. If others arrr already up, heave them to a distant side for easy destruction. May not utilize benefits of other buildings.

- Crews will be announced on September 12th.

- Spin on September 18th with war on September 19th, “Talk Like a Pirate Day!”

- Mysterious Treasure will be awarded to the winning team!

- Must “Talk Like a Pirate” while practicing and taking war hits! Arrrg!

- Costumes optional.

Bring your freebooter mates and sign up today and get ready to make those lily-livered, bilge-sucking landlubbers on the other ship walk the plank! Aaarrrgg!

Head over to The Alliance Gate on Discord to sign up!