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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week the newest Legendary Artifact Morse Telegraph is fully revealed! You can also still take advantage of the Lü Bu Step-Up sale to collect both an Epic and Legendary version of the Councilor, and the Special Event: Council Celebration with plenty of Recruitment opportunities! You’ll even find some discounted upgrades through our Sally Ride Event. All that and more in the Week Ahead!

New Legendary Artifact - Morse Telegraph
Starting tomorrow 6/10 you’ll have a chance to obtain the latest Legendary Artifact, the Morse Telegraph!

This Main Hall Artifact will help you push the offensive with increased Troop Damage and Hitpoints!
Heavy Cavalry HP11%
Ranged Siege DMG11%
Mortar Troop DMG11%
Attack Helicopter DMG11%
Attack Helicopter HP16%

The Morse Telegraph will be available in the Morse Telegraph Chest Step-Up. These chests will give you chances to obtain the Legendary Artifact and is available until 6/17!

Lü Bu - Available NOW!
Our latest Councilor Lü Bu is available now! Lü Bu’s Step-up sale will get you chances at the Councilor through Recruitments, but Gurantee’s you one War and one Primary Epic Lü Bu at the second step. You can even obtain one of each Legendary Version of Lü Bu at the final step in the sale! Lü Bu released on 6/3 and will be available through this Step-Up until 7/1!

Episode & Event Passes 6/13 - 6/20

Episode 3: Recon Plane
Gain a tactical advantage with the Recon Plane Episode Pass! The Free tier is stocked with AT-4 Bazooka, Sherman Crab Tank, Rickenbacker Plane Troop Tactics, and more. Upgrading to the Premium Tier will get you fully loaded with Recon Plane and General Eisenhower Troop Tactics. Plus, chances at the Welrod Mk11 with a chest available in this tier!

Event: Crown Boost Campaign
Grab some Free Premium and Superior Recruitments with this Episode Pass. Picking up the Premium version of this Pass will get you Legendary Recruitments and up to 11,000 Crowns.

Event: Tank Rush
Take charge with an armored division of Troop Tactics from the Tank Rush Event Pass. Pick up Free M46 Patton Tank, Ball Tank, M109 Howitzer Tank, and more. Premium Pass holders can look forward to Troop Tactics like the T28 Tank, TOS-1 Tank, Kv-2 Dreadnought Tank, and even a Super Tank Workshop Building.

The top 100 Global Leaderboard will give our competitive leaders a chance at the Anti Satellite Missile Legendary Artifact!

Special Event: Council Celebration
Extra Recruitments can be obtained in the Council Celebration Event Pass. Acquire Free Premium and Superior Recruitments. When you upgrade to the Premium Pass you’ll even find Legendary Recruitments!


Battle of Britain Event 6/9 - 6/16
On June 17th, 1940, the defeated French signed an armistice and exited World War II. Britain stood alone in opposition to Germany’s military forces that had claimed victory over most of Western Europe in less than two months. However, Germany didn’t have the resources necessary to battle Britain on the ground or at sea unless they were able to take control of the air above Britain. So, The Battle of Britain would become the first battle in history fought entirely in the air. Britain’s success relied on the Royal Air Force Fighter Command’s ability to nullify the efforts of the German Luftwaffe. In September 1940, the Luftwaffe began massive aerial attacks on London. The German attacks were successful at first, but on September 15th, the German offensive failed and sustained heavy losses when their bomber crews were met with large numbers of British fighters. Germany sustained such heavy losses that they indefinitely postponed landing on the British Isles. The Battle of Britain was one of Great Britain’s most significant accomplishments during World War II.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

25% off the following building upgrades:
• Air Defense
• Catapult
• Mill
• Market

33% off the following troop upgrades:
• Machine Gun
• Ranged Infantry

33% off the following War Tactic upgrades:
• Sabotage

Sally Ride Event 6/11 - 6/18
Sally Ride was born in California in 1951. An athletically gifted youth, she considered pursuing a professional tennis career before deciding to attend Stanford. There she received multiple degrees, culminating in a doctorate in physics in 1978. Shortly before graduating, she was selected as a candidate for NASA astronaut training.

Ride served on the ground as capsule communicator for two Columbia missions before joining the flight crew of the Challenger in 1983. This made her the first American woman in space, though she was preceded by the Soviet cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Svetlana Savitskaya.

Go to your University and enjoy 50% off on all of Sally Ride’s University skills for a limited time! Upgrade the University for 25% cheaper during the event!

Legendary Step-Ups
With the Morse Telegraph Step-Up there is also the Factory Troop Artifact Chest Step-Up. This gives you chances at various Legendary Artifacts including the ASDIC Type 113X, Desert Storm PSN-8 Manpack, Joyeuse Sword, and more!


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Oct 6, 2015
Has the Sally Ride discount been delayed? It's 6/12 in the US and I'm not seeing the discounted costs highlighted in yellow.