Server crash


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Mar 2, 2024
Server error
For selling an artifact from the museum I lost my account 5 days ago.
The server does not recognize my id.
Customer support operators stopped answering my messages.
I have sent more than 12 mails explaining the problem with video screenshots and all the information I was asked for and two days ago without any explanation they stopped writing me.
My account was created in 4/2017
I spent many dollars to improve it
One day due to an error of the museum the game was broken
I did everything they told me,uninstall and install the game and it works but when I load my data to open the account automated age simply the server can't open it
I can understand a problem with the game, a glitch but what I don't understand is why they stopped helping me without explanation.
My only solution is to tell my problem because I am not the only player with this problem.
I want to recover my account only
Fix the problem
The customer service is for 5 year olds really is very bad and inconsiderate they respond every six hours and one day they stop.
I am very annoyed with the game
7 years of playing and spending money and they don't give technical support.
I ask you to review my case
Claim numbers ( 2036301) (2036095) (2036114)