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Sep 26, 2016
If you have to ask "Like What?" then, your answer is "No!" Unfortunately, I did just the other day, when my iPhone 5 (Finally), Gave up the Ghost on me!, (Cold, Black and Lifeless)...and GUESS WHAT??
Well, (in case you didn't know), when you switch phones, you (sadly/strangely/insanely) can't just log-into your Domination Game on your new phone!! Nope! There's a tad bit of finagling needed and a smudge of help from Customer Service (usually, so take my advice & BE SURE YOU LOG INTO EITHER GOOGLE PLAY/FACEBOOK or APPLE's Game Thingie to track Your Progress!! & Make a note of that handy dandy User ID that always pops up in the Left top corner (yeah, that string of numbers you always see), when you start to log in and the various screen images come up!..*winks*..(you'll be GLAD you had it if anything unexpected happens to your phone..Ummmmm... Like it croaks on you!!)...PSsst!!! & do NOT make a note of that USER NUMBER "in" your phone!!, won't do you any good if your phone dies!!/gets lost/etc!!..*Ha-Ha-Ha*..No comment!..*winks*

Okie-Dokie, so Here's MY REQUEST:
Go to Your Alliance Gate, Search: "Southern USA" and find the ACTIVE one where I'm listed as the Leader, (Carrigana) then Pop into Our Southern USA Alliance and tell them (post), that I SENT YOU from the Forums Alliance Gate!..*LAUGHS!*, that and I'm NOT dead (so far as I know.. None of my bits have fallen off yet, so it's all good that I know of!),..and ... I haven't been abducted by aliens..(no probes l, no thank you!!), NOR has any nefarious nor infamous other Nixon Domination Alliance out there been holding me Hostage for Ransom (Luv my Team but I just don't see them forking over any dough for my swift return!..*laughs*)...On the other hand, You can feel free to make up whatever yarn/story/whopper of a fish tale, that, you'd like to pass along to them in the text chat..*chuckles*...You Never know, IF you stick around long enough for my return (my new phone should arrive by the end of next week, I could access my account on this temp phone BUT, I'd rather not tempt fate by trying a move my account 2x's in one week so I'll wait for my new phone to arrive)...I may even decide to give away an IN GAME PRIZE for the Best "the dog ate my homework" story told about "Where's Waldo", except, you know... in this case, I'm Waldo!..*SMILES*... Yup!, that sounds EXACTLY like something I'd DO!..*winks*...Hope to see you soon!..soon = as soon as I get my new phone and the game running on it around the end of next week!...(Lesson here?, Get off my duff & get our Forums and topics Knowledge far has points on wonders in it... up and in place so we can all communicate off game!..*hee-hee*) the mean time, my slacking is your WIN, well, maybe, we'll see how many participate!!, if enough do, then I'm definitely going to have to do something fun!!..or at least interesting!!..Oh!, and I really haven't been in touch with anyone in my alliance yet, so you really could have a bit of fun with this, just so long as it is Fun, as in harmless and joking, please don't go post anything rude or morbid if you understand my that won"t win you any prize or friends!...

We're a good group, pretty laid back. Been around 2-3 years...We do have several rules, 5 days INACTIVE consecutively or you get booted (rarely an issue), unless you give prior notice and then you get 30 days, otherwise you get booted. Although, you're welcome to come back once you're Active again. This is just to ensure that everyone is there and playing and we're able to World War without 'dead weight' of players who are no longer playing. We have approximately 15 to 18 Players, depending..Levels range from 30's all the way to the 100's... The Leaders are myself and one Co-Leader, NOPE!, I'm NOT big on a bunch of Council (I saw an alliance yesterday that had 30 members and 15 were Council!..*laughs*, if you are asked to be a Council Member it's because you EARN or DESERVE it! We had two, but I demoted one because he wasn't doing anything useful, that's not to say it isn't possible, heck, last person that asked me about it I asked for them to post some recruiting messages and try to get people to join. Guess he didn't expect me to actually read his two posts, yup, the all of JUST 2 posts..and in one he was asking some other alliance about the possibility of being a council in their alliance when they posted in his recruiting post trying to recruit him!..*LAUGHS!*..(opportunity=>insert flushing toilet sound effect..*laughs*)... --he's still with us & a good guy, just needs a bit more guidance and effort before he gets there....Earnest, honest, and working for the good of the alliance, is to me, what Council Members are made of, and if you're doing all of that, I'll likely ask you before you even think to ask me, heck yeah, and happy to recognize and promote that kind of effort, because it is for the good of ALL, but, there has to be actual consistent effort..f.y.i., 2 posts does not effort to recruit make..*chuckles*, especially if you're considering jumping ship in one of them!..*laughs*.. Sorry, that just cracks me up!..*shakes head*..*shrugs*, but, what can ya do?, my point is, there are a ton of alliances where 1/2 the members are Council, if that is a key point for you, then our alliance wouldn't be a fit (unless you plan to bust hump and work hard to pitch in to do work for the alliance and your team mates, which could be recruiting, assisting w/World Wars, Mentoring lower level players helping write/review/format/etc the forums, or blog, or polls, etc, yup, actual effort & work!..*chuckles*, that usually results in a silent room full of no volunteers or interested people and only the sound of crickets chirping ..*laughs*, but, that's ok, and exactly why we only have 2 council members).. 'Nuff of that, I only mention it as we've had one Or 2 (total 2), who blew thru and for some reason it was a critical point, so I figured I'd save that type the trouble.. and me the headache..*winks*

Also, We World War as a Team, and have practices in place to ensure World War is FAIR NO MATTER YOUR LEVEL LOW OR HIGH! So, unlike a lot of other Alliances the lower level players get a fair shot at Loot too!
PLUS, I'm a BIG ADVOCATE of SEND TROOP REQUESTS ALWAYS!!! You should ALWAYS have EXTRA FREE TROOPS from Me or Your Allies to Help You in Multi-Player Battles & World Wars AND even Left inside Your TownCenter to act as Extra Defense!

I'm currently a Level 140, with approximately 1,500 Medals and my Troops are ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR DONATION, NO HESITATION & I EXPECT YOU to take ADVANTAGE of them!, You ABSOLUTELY should have them as an EXTRA EDGE in Battle, NO MATTER IF YOU ARE Bronze Age or Gun Powder Age or HIGHER!! We/Our Alliance is here to SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!

GOT A QUESTION? Post it in the Comments! Either I or someone else will help you out...

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I'm VERY HANDS ON, meaning if you join up..then expect it and don't take offense, ask anyone in our Alliance, I guarantee that each and every one has benefited from my comments/feedback/tips I post randomly, some way or form, from higher leveling faster, better base layouts and; defenses, better at attacking bases and knowing which bases TO attack, to more effective World War Attacks, etc..*winks*, so take a deep bre​​​ath, give me and our alliance a chance (see if what I adviser works for you, if it does, Great!, if not...No Harm, No Foul!..*smiles*...), There may not be many of "us", but I do hope that changes with time (and my putting forth more effort to recruit), and I hope you'll come down, check us out and if you decide to stay, maybe you'll
pick up a few things here and there..or help everyone out by sharing some of your own lessons learned..*smiles*... At the least, Pop on over and Ask any questions you may have or about our alliance or ask everyone about their Nutter, and slightly unusual Leader...and how our alliance does things a bit (HUGELY) different than most..*smiles*...

YES! I'm TOTALLY going to give your TownCenter Layout a Look over (& Your Warbase too if You plan to World War with Us!)...WHY???...

BECAUSE, I'll look for weak points and point them out to you...(am I perfect?, nope, but an outside eye can sometimes help), along with any areas of improvement. I know, I know, people cringe at the though of it, BUT You might be surprised , Tell you something interesting... most of the people in our Alliance who have joined, STAY!..*chuckles*... We even have some come back to hang in between times for a while, you see, that's another thing unusual about our alliance, YOU'RE WELCOME TO JOIN, and if You Stay, GREAT!!, BUT, if You do Go (I'd Luv to know why *loll*, no required), well, YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME BACK!!! (Unless I boot you for being a jerk..*laughs*, but, so far that's Never happened!!--*knocks on wood*)...SO COME ON DOWN AND CHECK US OUT!!

What else?? ...
TIPS & STUFF, OK, HERE ARE A FEW FREEBIE EASY ONES FOR YOU!! (& things I check out on people's layouts):
Are you using Your WONDER the RIGHT WAY??? Yeah, I'm sure you're brow is furrowed and you're asking, "What do you mean by RIGHT WAY?", Well, NOT ONLY is PICKING THE RIGHT WONDER for HOW YOU PLAY IMPORTANT, but, of course, WHERE you Place Your WONDER is CRUCIAL! Believe it or Not!, I've seen advanced Players who might as well have a piece of Lumber for a Wonder, because they just drop their Wonder down where ever!...HELLO!!, EVERY WONDER HAD A SPECIAL ABILITY & IN ALMOST EVERY SINGLE CASE, if You do NOT place it where ever it "NEEDS" to be, then *shrugs* NO JOY!--&--It does You ZERO GOOD!!...(On the Flip side, by KNOWING where each wonder needs to be to "work" its WONDER, also gives you a leg up when considering if you should or shouldn't attack that higher level base...if You can look and see that even though they may have an impressive set of wonders, they don't have them placed effectively to work, that makes You better prepared as a player/attacker !..*WOOT!-WOOT!* <=Our Alliance War Cry!!..*BIG SMILE*...

Btw, (so far we only lost 1 WE and that was by a percentage Defeat...*WOOT!-*WOOT!*..I credit that to:Good Players, if they sign up they show up & make BOTH attacks, they Attack 4 the TEAM and NOT every man for themselves, EVERYONE pitches in, Good Warbase Designs, and if asked they update any weaknesses, and We make sure someone high level donates to War Bases & Fighters War/Attack Day..*Smiles*... Yeah, I'm Proud of how Far We have all come and Look forward to more people joining Us! Right now, We World WAR Once a Week, and alternate HIGH & LOW level World Wars, that way, we make sure that ALL get a chance! So, one week the 100+ Players join in, which bumps up the fight level BIG TIME!! (Me @140, Anotger @122, and another @109, then various 90/80/70,etc), and the next week, The 2 highest Ranks including myself myself sit out to lower the Match Fight level and All Players even our lowest in the. 30's joins in..*smiles*..I can still donate advanced troops direct to players on fight day, so..*winks*.. That helps!..*smiles*..

2) TIMING IS EVERYTHING!: (told you these were easy ones)
WHICH DEFENSES TAKE THE LONGEST TO KICK IN? Do you know how to counter them? How or Where you can make your own FASTER?
IF You don't know the answers to ALL of these questions, then you should come join up & let me help you up your game!...Seriously, these are EASY questions that you absolutely should know the answer to, if you are beyond the...Ummmmm...Classical Age?...I forget, which ever age it is that You get the Library & University in..*laughs*, you gotta cut me some slack, I'm at level 140, it's been a while for me..*smiles*...BUT, here are some quick tips...STABLES are some of the SLOWEST SPAWNING, they DO HAVE a LONG RANGE, BUT, NOT ONLY THAT, they SPAWN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF MEN!!..(there's actually a MUCH CHEAPER to UPGRADE DEFENSE, that SPAWNS INSTANTLY & at around upgrade Level 5 or 6 it already has available 4 DEFENDERS!!, know what it is?, well, by the Gun Powder/Enlightenment/Industrial Age, this handy dandy DEFENSE times the total number available to you, can GIVE YOU 28 EXTRA SOLDIERS IF YOU PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT!!)
So, with this bit of knowledge, you now know that: a) You should place YOUR OW STABLES FAR AWAY from initial Fighting!! Otherwise, they'll just get totally wiped out before they have the chance to spawn ANY MEN!..Remember, I said they have a long range, that's one of the reasons WHY, because they take a long while to KICK-IN!; b)ON THE FLIP SIDE: Now, when you attack a Base, you know to keep in mind that STABLES take a while..Sooooo.. that means that you should have enough time to WIPE THEM OUT if they are exposed OR close to your potential drop-zone (ANYTIME YOU can TAKE OUT a SPAWNING DEFENSE is a PLUS!!), Especially, if you can do it BEFORE it SPAWNS!!..*WOOT!-*WOOT!*..*Evil Smile*

considered such posting tactics as hijacking and as EXTREMELY RUDE!!

If You and Your Alliance are that DESPERATE, then just go post your own Recruiting Post!--*Sheesh!*..
And YES!, it does make you look sad & desperate!...(just telling the truth)...
​​​I appreciate you kind understanding, and ANY ISSUE OR COMMENTS You may with my request or comments to the contrary, PLEASE, just save me the trouble and go ahead and just forward them directly to the MOD for their review, yourself Thanks!..
I do not attempt to play in your sandbox, so I appreciate you not attempting play in's called common courtesy. And sadly, yes, there are some (it is rather sad that there are more than "some", there are quite a few), who need this "reminder" post at all...BUT, otherwise, it does become an issue, as they feel no compunction about their rudeness, and they do not hesitate to hijack someone else's recruiting post..or any post for that matter...Thanks for understating & Posting your own topic if you have something you want to say/share/comment on, rather than. Posting here on my topic post!


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Sep 26, 2016
I officially HATE the auto-correct & google chrome for making this post take for-ever!..(it wasn't my prolific run on sentences or rambling at all.. Or my lack of sleep...*laughs*)....