National Trade Goods


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Jan 21, 2020
"Why can't I produce the trade goods of Germany even though my country is Germany?" I think this is a very interesting question, and I sincerely suggest that the administrators consider this.

Currently, Shipyard at level 13, I am unable to exchange for the trade goods of the UK, France, or Germany. Moreover, the production times for other goods are also very long, requiring more than a day.

As someone who participates in major battles every day, I find it somewhat difficult to store trade goods. After all, the current mechanism for obtaining trade goods is random. If I am unlucky, I may not be able to obtain the items I need.

Furthermore, with less time for gaming, I hope to maintain a high rank to receive greater rewards. However, the difficulty of opponents has increased, resulting in fewer daily gaming sessions for me. This does not balance the amount of trade goods obtained. I thought the administrators had considered this, which is why they increased the rewards earlier. However, it seems they overlooked the issue of trade goods.

I hope they can consider ways to increase the availability or quantity of trade goods, instead of requiring us to spend more time in the game. What I mean is not that I don't want to spend time, but that the game should also align with the daily routines of most players, rather than requiring players to be in the game 24 hours a day. This could lead to conflicts with real life and possibly result in players leaving the game.


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