Munitions applied to donated alliance troops


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Oct 13, 2017
Does anyone know if munitions are applied to donated alliance troops?

Defense troops in MP
Defense Troops in War
Offense troops (either MP or War)

I assume if they are it is the recipients munitions that apply not the donors munitions?

Can’t see where this was asked anywhere.

What about applied to TTs used?

TTS donated to SH in war?


is this thing on?
Apr 18, 2018
No no no no to all..all received troops are ´naked.´.they only get your own improvements…
The question is confusing/vague but I don't think this answers the underlying question, which is:

What exactly applies to received troop donations and troop tactics? Or could one say that they are treated like our own troops so everything applies to them as if we trained them? The answer remains cloudy, but is generally yes. Then there's the topic of defensive vs offensive troop donations. And betrayed troops.

But, it is widely known that _no) technology travels with donated troops (e.g., university, library, manufactory, ...) as that'd be insane to track from a programming standpoint. Well, one technology does travel: troop size reduction via library. And to complete that, nation specific attributes and upgrade levels also travel but this should go without saying.