Money, food and oil

Sep 7, 2023
Crowns would be nice but don’t see it happening IMHO. But I’m behind the concept… once you’ve upgraded walls there’s only so much to do before getting bored and moving on to another game.

Der BabyHund

Dec 11, 2022
I find I have too much money, food and oil all the time with mills farms maxed out. Normally this would be a good thing but it's not. I have maxed out all wall upgrades so daily stuck with too many resources. Can a feature be added where money, food and oil can be traded for other resources or even crowns??
I have a similar issue and I suggested before adding new features to the Archive where you can use resources (gold, food & oil) plus time to produce speed ups, legendary tokens, and museum supplies. This will turn the most worthless building in the game to a very interesting one.

Here’s a link to my idea: