I'll probably get banned again but someone has to say it


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Apr 11, 2016
this update is the most poorly executed update of any game ever in the history of updates half player with it half just have to wait the ones with the update can't attack the opponent without the update and the opponent without the update can't compete against a fully crowned out new features and no customer service or forum post about opps we messed up instead you posted you must update by the 14th or you can't play the game , that's two days and more than half the player base doesn't have a update is this because you didn't want the 48 hours dale on the command post ??? just greed or incompetent?


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Oct 22, 2017
It's been almost 24 hours since the update was being rolled out. I still haven't got the option to update my game. And yes, I am on android.


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May 6, 2022
To clear up some of the confusion.

We released our Update Notes here on Friday to alert you about the incoming update on 12/12. We called out that this would be required to participate in World Wars just to avoid a situation where you would be unable to attack like in a previous update.

It was our hope that Alliances would plan World Wars around this update, while they could still participate it did come with the risk of not all players being able to attack each other. We hope to be able to continue giving an early notice, 48hrs in this case, for future updates as well for this exact reason.

A reminder was sent on 12/12 stating that our rollout had begun, a format that is identical to our previous updates. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the update right away as it can take time to populate. We also want to ensure that if any extreme issue occurs we can correct it before it goes out to the wider community.

We expect the rollout process to be completed by tomorrow morning 12/14, it will be at this time that we are able to release the update to all users which is where the “This update will be required to download on 12/14 to play.” comes from in our forum alert and on social.

Hopefully, that helped clarify the situation, sorry that you had Alliance Members/nearby friends receive an update before you but we do not control the distribution of the update’s rollout process.