DomiNations Technical Test: Sign Ups Closed (Android build up)

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Greetings Leaders,

We need you! We’re looking for players to participate in an upcoming playtest to help us with a few backend updates that we’re performing to the engine coming to DomiNations later this year. Our goal is to get players into the environment and have them play around as they usually would while we gather build performance data and player feedback. Keep in mind this is a technical test, and our team is focused specifically on how the tech side of the build performs.

If you’re interested in signing up and playing a few hours of DomiNations multiplayer in an upcoming session, please fill out the information below and send us an Email Here that includes your:

Player ID:
Forum name:
In-game name:
Which device do you play on:

We’ll select names in waves once signups close and follow up with those players about what they can expect from this technical test once build invites are ready to go.
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This is good news and a good step in the right direction. I hope whoever gets selected takes it seriously so the rest of us can benefit from a better game.
Realize it’s a technical test only for a new game engine, not about gameplay. Such tests can usually be done stand alone, just using all available devices.
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我们需要你!我们正在寻找参与即将到来的游戏测试的玩家,以帮助我们完成一些后端更新,这些更新是我们对今年晚些时候登陆 DomiNations 的引擎进行的。我们的目标是让玩家进入环境并让他们像往常一样玩耍,同时我们收集构建性能数据和玩家反馈。请记住,这是一项技术测试,我们的团队专门关注构建的技术方面的表现。

如果您有兴趣在即将到来的会话中注册并玩几个小时的 DomiNations 多人游戏,请填写以下信息并在此处向我们发送电子邮件其中包括您的:


Don't think we know that yet; last one was android, this one may or may not be.

After the last issue regarding iOS and alt accounts inability to login, I'm guessing they'll try hard to allow iOS this time... but reckon Android is easier to implement.
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