Classical Age Strategy


Apr 15, 2015
Only been playing for a couple weeks.
Got to classical age playing more of a farm/produce and hold strategy mixed in with a little bit of raiding:
  • defensive layout prioritizes resource protection
  • manage medals to be <400 to reduce/eliminate raids
  • develop decent-enough defenses
  • develop decent-enough offenses to roll over all iron age bases with no losses
  • defeat classical bases with some losses
  • max all production
Able to keep my builders busy all the time mostly upgrading production.
Intend to spend max 1hr/day on this game, not spend any $$ either.
Right now, 80,000 food and gold is achievable from production, hunting and raiding 8-10 opponents in the 300+ medal range.
Is this strategy viable to max out classical age or will I have difficulty getting enough loot?

What about the next age? Should I abandon farm & hold and go all-out raiding instead?
I'm concerned that all-out raiding means spending hours/day on the game which I cannot do.


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Apr 30, 2015
To be effective with this style I think you will need to advance through ages slowly, prioritise walls to protect your stuff. Your base will need to be awesome. Leave your TC outside. Try and entice people to attack your un defended town centre without getting loot, to set off the peace treaty. You will still need to loot to afford upgrades, so try and upgrade foot troops and archers and barracks to max early in the age. Medieval prices increase sharply btw


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Apr 12, 2015
Just like Skilled say - take your time.

- Stay LOW on medals since u don't play much. U can loose a lot more then u can advance since u play for 1hr and u offline for 23 hrs .
- put your Town Center all the way OUTSIDE so people who farm for medals or easy Win just take that then they leave ( give u free shield, loose just couple medals and almost no resources ;) )
- 1st upgrade your defensive buildings, then Walls, then upgrade your research ( defensive research) then do the rest
- ALWAYS log off the game with your alliance donation ( i suggest range troops :cool: )

Hopefully this will help, feel free to PM me with questions