A weird idea for ranged infantry


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Aug 6, 2021
What if, we turned current ranged infantry troops into snipers/sharpshooters/marksmen. They have higher troop capacity of 3 or 2. But they have a good long range( not too long, probably the range of mortars), 1 shot damage against defender foot soldiers ( excluding tanks ), they could be excellent counter for defending machine gunners and rocket arsenal defenders. They carry sniper rifles and such, also starting from industrial age. The normal heavy infantry can recieve the weapons the ranged infantry carries (standard infantry rifles and such) and the ranged infantry can carry sniper rifles and anti materiel weapons which are actually used for long ranged fights instead of close quarter fights. I don't have a particular reason to suggest this, I don't think the ranged infantry currently is bad. I thought this idea would be unique and cool if applied. I am open for discussions about this idea.