The newest types of weapons for further development of the game


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Dec 5, 2023
In our modern times, we are witnessing the birth of completely newest types of weapons - hypersonic missiles, drones and combat lasers (very soon) to destroy them. The most effective means of attack (and neutralization of defense) will soon become the so-called “drone swarm”, and the only means of defense against it will be combat lasers, which will be just as effective against hypersonic attack weapons.

I hope the owners and developers of the game are watching the development of weapons in the world. If they don’t have their own imagination, this is a great theme to implement in the game.

I respect the creators and developers of such an interesting game, but at the same time I see the disappointment of players who expect innovations, but do not see them in the game.

P.S. Sometimes I begin get the impression that such long waits for construction, research, etc. are used by the development team in order to somehow justify their inaction in correcting issues and bugs ("features" in their opinion) in the game, in improving and developing the game - to delay the entire process as a whole. Sometimes questions arise - to pay or not to pay in the game, but with this approach, few people will be interested in sponsoring a “dead fish”.
Perhaps this is too harsh criticism, for which I apologize, but I observe the dissatisfaction of players, this is not just my personal opinion. It’s especially a shame because the idea of the game is delightful, amazing and the game itself is very interesting - every boy’s childhood dream is “playing soldiers”!
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King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
Maybe the Robotics age will develop those new weapons you're talking about. Might be a bit of a wait for you though ...