The Factory building accentuates the imbalance of the game between attack and defense

Blanchard Serge

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Mar 13, 2019
Greetings, BHG leaders,

The Factory building accentuates the imbalance of the game between attack and defense. Attackers who use the Infantry Mortar/Artillery/Paratrooper composition with PROTECT tactic have far too many bonuses at their disposal. There are several reasons for this imbalance:

It's not normal for infantry mortars to benefit from the percentages of siege units. So we can have 4 positions on Weapon and Armor artifacts at the museum, the same at the council etc…

Too much attack speed on infantry mortars and siege units.

The duration of the PROTECT tactic is too long, with the Léonidas committee on the board, we get close to 28 seconds per tactic. With 6 Aegis on my infantry mortars already with 281% life points become immortals (70% Aegis damage reduction and the 8% of the Obstruction Emitter ammunition).

The firing speed is excessive with the Mongols coalition 76% and 11% of the 2 ammunition. The defenders produced by defensive buildings become ineffective against infantry mortars. The range of defenders is 3 compared to a range of 6 for infantry mortars.

The range of 1 on Tower type defensive buildings is not enough to counterbalance. Whether it's towers, sniper towers, mortars, machine guns, they don't do enough damage on a unit with 78% damage reduction.

Anti-tank guns take too long to target a unit.

With this composition the air defenses are of little use, the transporters do not fly over the base.

A defender has too much ammunition to produce to deal with attackers.

Game balancing

Remove bonuses from mortar siege units.
Reduce the duration of the PROTECT tactic. Like you did with the SABOTAGE tactic, or neutralize it with a Drone directive.
Reduce mortar attack speed.
The PROTECT tactic causes cheating over time. I have seen players using 3 aegis when dropping troops, retaining the PROTECT throughout the fight.



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May 17, 2018
if theoretically, BHG does what you say, then I guarantee that none will be able to five star any 3D base except the best fighter/bomber strikers.

mortar/artillery troop combo has some success but you need good base reading skills, a battle plan and a solid execution of it. Otherwise, you will barely get a star.


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Aug 23, 2022
Maybe just simple reducing effect of mongols slightly would help. If not that increase explosive damage on sniper towers atleast give a slight chance

King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
Are you saying that the manufactory has too many boosts for all attackers - or just the mortar/artillery/paratrooper combo? (which you clearly have an issue with)
While l agree 28secs is way too long for a tactic, if there wasn't anyone complaining about either defense or attack being too overpowered, I'd think l was on the wrong forum. 😄
As @oddin said, you need to execute well. Nothing is guaranteed in this attacking game.