4 more days no more customer service


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Apr 11, 2016
We are facing a team that in their own chats has pot player ID numbers posted they used this to become us and take down our museum Artifacts we replaced them and 20 seconds before war started they took them down again we are the only team effected so it's a hack as well my account made a purchase i didn't make so since I can't get customer service I have called the FBI local police and Baltimore police . As without a response seems like your in on it my teams mates are getting we can't help you response yet I'm vip 14 and haven't heard a word
I messaged Josh I messaged in game I messaged nexon help desk I can send a smoke signal if you like Leviathan or BHG_Muet
right now there is fraud in game via the site dominations.info you can read any teams in game chat live and access their player I'd numbers this gives access to their account and this time it allowed my credit card information to be stolen

​​​​​​​to all teams it is no longer safe to have a payment method stored in Google play or Apple store all legit players out there I know there isn't many of you but for those very few I suggest removing your credit card info on file at google play until this team of incompetents fixes and sues the domain and shuts down this 3rd party dominations.info page