Winter for the Ages is upon us!


Greetings Leaders,

Winter for the Ages Returns!
Winter festivities have arrived to DomiNations! To celebrate the season we of course make a return to Winter for the Ages.

Winter for the Ages will allow you to age up at a discounted price and instantaneously when you do. Looking for a quick way to get closer to unlocking Drone Command? This is the event to do it!

This time around we’re going to approach the Age Up times a bit differently than in the past. For previous events like this, if you could not keep up with aging up in the allotted time you would then be left behind while others would continue to enjoy the benefits of swiftly rising through the ages. That will no longer be the case as you will receive a discount no matter what age you’re currently at.

Starting 12/12 the Age Rush will begin with a 50% discount for Classical, Medieval, Gunpowder, and Enlightenment. The 50% discount will last until 1/9 10am EST, but if you didn’t get enough resources to rush through all these ages no worries as a 40% discount will continue until 2/6 10am EST, still not there yet? From 2/6 to 2/27 10am EST, there will be a 30% discount for those ages.

This tiered discount will continue all the way through to Space and Digital Age rushes but with a 50%>35%>25% tiered discount run.
Then the final rush will be the Information Age starting 1/30 10am EST for 50% off and then dropping to 25% on 2/13 10am EST until 2/27 10am EST.

This time around during the Winter for the Ages, no matter the Age your Town Center is at no matter the date you’ll still be able to participate!

Winter Savings!
During Winter for the Ages you’ll be able to enjoy additional resources and discounts! We’ll be cycling Resource, Speedup, and Crown sales all throughout the event to give you an opportunity to quickly catch up with your fellow leaders.

During WftA clearing forests will be 50% off! You’ll even find that the Museum and Council building upgrades will gain an additional discount, starting 12/12 for Classical, Medieval, Gunpowder, and Enlightenment Ages then 12/19 for Industrial and Global Ages.

Winter Supply Drop
Make sure to log in daily to receive a Winter for the Ages Supply Drop! These drops will feature a chance at various items ranging from resources to Winter themed Troop Tactics!

That's all for our Winter for the Ages update! Winter for the Ages begins 12/12 and ends 2/27 at 3pm EST. You can look forward to plenty of great Events and Passes throughout the holiday season. Keep an eye out on social media and our forums for when they become available!