what do you want for the museum

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
museum loadouts are a done deal as per the looking ahead post. but the council is getting a new card every month and possibly more comittees which leaves the museum the most bland feature by comparison. so what can be done to invigorate it more?

for me: an extra legendary slot and another one for crowns: they said they will release more and this would future proof it.

new artifact catagories for building buff and enemy building debuffs from jewelry and pottery into their own catagory.

fully upgraded you get 2 of each catagory maybe make it 3 of each (6 equipment for ww)

qol: skip crafting animation and make it faster for glossing through crafting.

for more fragments you can select certain modifiers for a higher chance to appear.

aside from qol stuff this was suprisingly hard to come up with ideas to invigorate the building... maybe others have better ideas


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Jan 28, 2016
All I want from the museum is the chance to go back in time to the first week or month it was released. Stuffs you got from back then are all gems.


Jan 29, 2023
the only qol stuff i expect from this game to reduce every building upgrade time by 80% for all ages or simply reduce the required villagers to 1 for EVERY building :)


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Apr 26, 2021
What I expect from the museum is a radical improvement in the quality of life.

It should be possible to buy packs of 10 or more artifacts simultaneously instead of the current 1 and 5.

Increase the font size. Reading becomes increasingly difficult for my tired eyes.

Enable set-ups so that it is possible to add or change the museum with a single click.

Create folders where players can group their artifacts according to their interest. The objective is to facilitate comparisons between groups of artifacts or the assembly of a new set-up to be used.

With the increase in stock capacity and also with seasonal events, it would be wonderful for leaders to have greater ease in managing and searching for the artifacts they want to use.

It is a pain to look for a specific artifact among more than 230 accumulated, especially to equip the hermitage where artifacts of all categories are available.

I'm sure that BHG is already working on something in this regard, but these and other great requests have already been exhaustively exposed.


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Apr 21, 2015
We appreciate the feedback, the team is still working on implementing quality of life improvements to DomiNations, which includes the Museum.