War Attack Issue : Loading Enemy's Base as Home Base

No Angel

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May 1, 2017
This is an old issue.
When I hit Attack button to start attacking in world war, the game brought me to enemy's base, but with the interface as if it was my home base (all menus complete). Obviously I couldn't attack in Home mode. When I reloaded the game, boom! The game counted that as 1 Fail Attack. I lost my chance to war again.
I have done the standard procedure in war attacks : checking network connection, close background apps, and reload the game. I didn't hit the Attack button twice either. Everything was in normal condition.
Sent ticket to Support, promised they'd pass to the team, hopefully! 🙏 (Cause I had this issue also a few times last year, and it kept occuring 😁)
Please fix this, thanks.


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Dec 12, 2018
No Angel. I've seen similar. I believe it is a connection problem. The game wants to load enemies base, loses wifi and charges your base that is in the cache