Untold Winters pt2 - Week Ahead 1/8


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week begins Season 6: Untold Winters Pt2 and begins the next Global Leaderboard challenge. Restock on plenty of Troop Tactics in the Season Pass, and both the Generals and Underground Railroad Episodes. All that and more in the Week Ahead!

Season 6: Untold Winters pt2 1/11 - 2/8


Season 6: Untold Winters continues with the 2nd Season Pass. More Troop Tactics like the Finnish Ski Troop, Sherman Crab Tank, and FA-18 Hornet to name a few are available for free! Also included for free are more Legendary Tokens and a Season 6 Chest.

Picking up the Premium Pass will get you another Fortified Strongpoint for your base. This tier also provides even more Legendary Tokens, Season 6 Chests, and includes Superior Recruitment x11.

Ranking within the Top 100 on this Global Leaderboard can get you the Lewis Chessmen Legendary Artifact!

Episodes 1/11 - 1/18

The Generals event returns with rewards like Admiral Yi, General Pershing and George Washington in the free track. Get the Premium Pass and earn General Eisenhower, General Foch, and General Omar Bradley.

Ranking in the Top 100 on the Global Leaderboard will earn you Aztec Calendar!


Underground Railroad
Add even more to your Troop Tactic stores with the Underground Railroad Episode. You’ll be able to pick up the Motor Machine Gun, M67 Flame Thrower Tank, P-51 Redtail, and more for free! Premium Pass holders can look forward to the Black Hawk Medic, Tupolev Tu-160, and Caligula’s Ring Chest for chances at this Legendary Artifact!



Napoleon’s Invasion 1/7 - 1/14
This week is our Napoleon's Invasion Event!

By 1806, Napoleon had most of Europe under his thumb, but Britain remained his implacable enemy. Unable to challenge the Royal Navy, he resorted to a Europe-wide embargo. Napoleon declared war on Russia and assembled the largest fighting force ever seen in Europe. The campaign ran into problems immediately. Sweltering heat led to disease and exhaustion. Poor roads hobbled the baggage train. Mass desertion and the need to garrison a huge supply line diminished French numbers. Still, they had captured the enemy capital but Tsar Alexander refused to surrender. Napoleon waited in the ruins for a month before turning back in October with winter approaching. Napoleon’s Grande Armée never recovered, and his allies soon turned on him and forced him into his first exile.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following General upgrades:
• Cleopatra
• Napoleon
• Zhukov
• Sun Tzu


Ultimate Tactician Event 1/9 - 1/16
Hannibal Barca was a Carthaginian general who lived during the Punic Wars in the second and third centuries BCE. Mononymously known as Hannibal, he was born into a military family and made to swear eternal hatred for Rome, Carthage's greatest enemy. Hannibal was victorious in numerous battles during the Second Punic War, including the Battle of Trebia, the Battle of Lake Trasimene, and the Battle of Cannae. Hannibal was truly 'The Ultimate Tactician' when he utilized the double envelopment military maneuver during the Battle of Cannae by attacking both sides of the Roman formation that had been attacking Hannibal's forces directly.

Go to your University and enjoy 50% off resources on all of Hannibal Barca's University skills for a limited time!

Legendary Step-Ups 1/8 - 1/15


Croix de Guerre Guaranteed Step-Up
Each step gives you a chance to obtain the Croix de Guerre Legendary Artifact through chests. If you complete each step in this sale you’ll get the Legendary Artifact guaranteed!

Enigma Machine Guaranteed Step-Up
Chances to acquire the Enigma Machine Legendary Artifact through chests at each step. Completing all steps in this sale will guarantee you the Legendary Artifact!


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