The Great Emu War - Week Ahead 1/22


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week features the Great Emu War event, giving a discount on some Coalition upgrades. You’ll also find ample opportunity to collect some Troop Tactics in the Opportunity Rover Episode. We’ll also be featuring two guaranteed Legendary Step-Ups! All that and more in the week ahead!

Episodes 1/25 - 2/1


Opportunity Rover Episode
For the Opportunity Rover Episode you’ll find some unique Troop Tactics for free. The free tier includes the Semtex Specialist, Ball Tank, C-130 Transport, and more Troop Tactics. Premium Pass holders can acquire the F-15 STOL, Apache, RAH-66 Comanche, and more!

Those who can conquer the Global Leaderboard and rank among the Top 100 can obtain the Narmer Palette Legendary Artifact!


Sputnik Episode
The Sputnik Episode features Free Troop Tactics like the Night Witch, Leopard Tank, Shieldmaiden, and more. You can also obtain a free Russian Coalition to use for your next World War.

Picking up the Premium Pass can get you Bomber Legendary Artifact Chests that include chances at the RQ-2 Pioneer, Vz-9 Avrocar, Spitfire Engine, and more Legendary Artifacts. You’ll also find the Gemini 8 Glove Chest and more Season 6 chests. This tier also includes Black Hawk Medic and Nighthawk Troop Tactics!



Great Emu War
This week is our Great Emu War Event!

In 1932, several soldiers from the Royal Australian Artillery Corps came with machine guns to Western Australia to help farmers cull a destructive population of wild emus. However, despite the humans' technological advantage, the birds proved too evasive and emerged victorious from the conflict.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following Coalition upgrades:
• Mongols
• Cherokee
• Americans
• Ethiopians


Library of Alexandria Event
The Library of Alexandria Event has begun! Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

Research Point contributions to Alliance Laws require 20% fewer of the following resources:
• Gold
• Oil

Go to the Parliament building and enjoy this discount on all Alliance Laws for a limited time!

Not in an Alliance? Go to the Alliance Gate to create or join an Alliance so you can enjoy the benefits of Parliament and Alliance Laws today!

Legendary Step-Ups 1/22 - 1/29


Cryolophosaurus Skull Guaranteed Step-Up
This step-up sale features the Dinosaur Skull Chest that gives you chances at the Cryolophosaurus Skull Legendary Artifact. After completing each step in the sale you’ll get the Legendary Artifact guaranteed.

ASDIC Type 113x Guaranteed Step-Up
Each step offers a chest with a chance to acquire the ASDIC Type 113x Legendary Artifact. Completing the steps will guarantee you the Legendary Artifact!