The Antarctic Treaty - Week Ahead 1/15


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

This week in DomiNations the discounts in Winter for the Ages hits the next phase. You still have time to upgrade your base and instantly Age Up! Plus discounts on Coalition upgrades with the Antarctic Treaty Event, and we kick off the Lucky Peace Museum Event. All that and more in the Week Ahead!


Winter for the Ages
The next tier of discounts in Winter for the Ages has begun! From 1/14 to 2/11 will feature 50% off Troop and Building upgrades, and the instant Town Center upgrade remains!

Episodes 1/18 - 1/25


The Caligula Episode prepares you for War with various Troop Tactics for Free! You can expect Caesar’s Legion Army, Night Witch, A7V Tank, and more Troop Tactics. Picking up the Premium Pass will get you even more Troop Tactics like the Ka-25 Helicopter, Apache, and Heavy Tank Mk6 Troop Tactics.

You too can feel like a Roman Emperor for conquering the Global Leaderboard! If you can rank within the Top 100 you can acquire the Augustus Statue Muscle Cuirass Legendary Artifact.


Hattie W. Caraway
Within the Hattie Caraway Episode you can pick up Troop Tactics like the P-40 Warhawk, FA-18 Hornet, F-15 STOL, and more for Free! The Premium Pass features chances at Legendary Artifacts with Chests like the Helgö Buddha Legendary Artifact Chest, and the Season 6 Chest that has the Leonidas Bust. You’ll also find the Heavy Tank Legendary Artifact Chest that includes opportunities to collect Artifacts like the Video Game Console, Art of War, Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, and more within this chest all included for Premium Pass holders!



Antarctic Treaty 1/14 - 1/21
This week is our Antarctic Treaty Event!

Following the success of a worldwide research effort called the International Geophysical Year, delegates from twelve countries met in 1959 to discuss the future of Antarctica. The resulting Antarctic Treaty forbade military activity, prohibited the expansion of territorial claims, and ensured continuing scientific cooperation. This unique agreement remains in force today and serves as a model of international concord.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following Coalition upgrades:
• Maori
• Indians
• Russians
• Filipinos


Lucky Peace Museum 1/16 - 1/23
For the duration of the Lucky Museum Crafting Event, all Main Hall Artifacts crafted have a 5x chance to have benefits starting at 11%! Fully upgrade these benefits to get an incredible 20% bonus to a particular attribute in your empire!

Note: During this event, only Main Hall Artifacts will be crafted. No War Hall Artifacts will result from crafting during the Lucky Museum Crafting Event.

Legendary Step-Ups 1/15 - 1/22


Oil Looting Chest Step-Up
This step-up sale will get you multiple chances at various Legendary Artifacts including Video Game Console, Stopler Revolver, Capt. McConnell’s Hero Ensemble, and more!

Six Shooter Guaranteed Step-Up
This step-up sale will features chests that have chances to obtain the Six Shooter Legendary Artifact. Completing all the steps in this sale will guarantee you the Legendary Artifact!


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Jan 17, 2023
So... Are we just never going to get a discount on the second slot for Library and Armory ever again...?


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Apr 26, 2021
Hello BHG.
You are repeating the Augustus Statue Muscle artifact in Episode 1 that was also offered from 2 months ago.
Please improve the quality of the Artifacts that are presented in the Episode 1 events or at the very least do not repeat them before presenting all available Artifact options.