St. Patrick's Day - Week Ahead 3/11


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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

For the first week of Season 7 we’re recognizing St. Patrick's Day with Celtic-themed Troop Tactics. You can stock up on both Speed Ups and Manufactory Materials this week with a couple of our more focused Passes! You’ll find all that and more in the Week Ahead.

Episodes 3/14 - 3/21

Generals Event Pass
The Generals Episode will feature an assortment of General Troop Tactics to collect! The free tier includes Leonidas, Tomoe Gozen, George Washington, and more. Picking up the Premium Pass, you’ll find Admiral Yi, Eisenhower, and even General Ferdinand Foch!

If you can rank within the Top 100 on the Global Leaderboard, you too can feel like a General with the Admiral Yi Helmet Legendary Artifact!

St. Patrick’s Day Episode
May the luck of the Irish be on your side with this pass! The St. Patrick’s Day Episode will get you the Celtic Chariot, Green Jacket Rifleman, Captain McConnell Troop Tactics, and more. Picking up the Premium Pass you’ll get chances at the Capt. McConnell’s Hero Ensemble Legendary Artifact through Chests. You can also pick up Black Hawk Medic, Recon Plane Troop Tactics, and more!

Speed Up Boost Campaign Pass
Sock up on Speed Ups with this pass, you’ll find Premium Recruitments, Superior Recruitments, and multiple 1h Speed Ups with a final 6h Speed Up for free! Upgrading to the Premium pass, you’ll find 4200 Crowns and a large assortment of 12h Speed Ups along with two 1d Speed Ups and a 5d Speed up!

Manufactory Boost Campaign Pass
Get a quick jump on some Manufactory resources with this pass. On the Free track, the first two materials should even out what was left over from the previous Manufactory Materials Pass, allowing them to be used in Assembly! The pass will include even more Materials for you to acquire for Free. Picking up the Premium pass will get you even more Materials, including Platinum and 2,100 Crowns!


Ides of March Event 3/10 - 3/17
This week is our Ides of March Event!

Beware the Ides of March!' says the Soothsayer in William Shakespeare’s play about Julius Caesar. That day, the 15th of March in 44 BCE, is when the Roman Dictator was assassinated by a cabal of his political rivals. Before his death Caesar rose to prominence via his success in the Gallic Wars, which greatly expanded Rome’s borders. In 49 BCE he crossed the Rubicon river into Italy and assumed control of the Roman government, enacting a number of social and governmental reforms. After his death, his nephew Octavius would go on to become the first emperor of Rome, taking the name Caesar Augustus.

Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

33% off the following General upgrades:
• Joan of Arc
• MacArthur
• Churchill
• Petra Herrera

Harriet Tubman Event 3/12 - 3/19
Harriet Tubman was born into slavery around 1820 with the name Araminta Ross. As a child on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, she endured physical hardship and violence at the hands of white slaveowners; worst of all, a near-fatal head injury that left her with lifelong seizures and headaches. She married John Tubman in 1844, and around the same time, changed her first name to Harriet in honor of her mother. Although her husband was a free black man, she herself remained legally a slave.

She escaped to Philadelphia on the secret network of safehouses known as the Underground Railroad in 1849. Ultimately, Tubman wound up in Canada, since the North was no longer safe after the passing of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act. Over the next decade, she led at least 70 and possibly as many as 300 slaves to freedom north of the border. She claimed that she never got caught and never lost a single passenger.

Go to your University and enjoy 50% off resources on all of Harriet Tubman's University skills for a limited time!

Legendary Step-Ups 3/11 - 3/18
This week you can acquire the Plane Gyro Gunsight Legendary Artifact through chests at each step, when completing all steps in the sale, you’ll get the Legendary Artifact Guaranteed! Then there’s the Defensive Tower War Artifact Chest. This step-up sale will get you chances at various Legendary Artifacts including Huey Armament System, Welrod MkII, Ramesses II’s Abu Simbel, and more!
Jul 19, 2023
Out of interest, will you be giving us the chance to collect the missing 4/10 bits of polycarbonate and missing 6/10 bits of glass to make those redundant fractions from the last event useable?

Edit: just saw that this was already answered above - thanks!
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